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The best direct mail campaign designs and examples

A collection of highly effective direct mail campaigns to inspire what’s possible.

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Learn how to send more effective direct mail campaigns.

Direct mail marketing offer

Direct mail marketing offers entice your audience with special offers, deals, and promotions to generate additional revenue. Marketing offers can be used for customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation.

Direct mail postcards

A postcard is an effective direct mail format with which you can customize, personalize, and capture attention. It's easy to measure when you use QR codes,  PURLs, or URLs to track.

Direct mail letters

Send targeted, personalized direct mail letters that will motivate your recipients to take action on your messages. Send a standard letter or formalize your message with a legal letter.

Direct mail self-mailer

Self-mailers combine the visual impact of a postcard and the security and content length of an envelope mailer without requiring an envelope. Bifold self-mailers are engaging and visually appealing and trifold self-mailers offer more room for your message. Or add a snap pack to your marketing mix to stand out in the mailbox.


Sending checks in the mail can be risky and time-consuming, especially if you're licking envelopes and addressing them by hand. Make sending checks more efficient and cost-effective by using Lob to verify addresses, then mail, track, and monitor checks automatically.

Transactional direct mail

Transactional direct mail includes compliance forms, statements and billing, tax forms, claim letters, and more. Send a legal-sized letter or encourage tactile engagement with a snap pack. Lob enables you to fully automate, triggered sends of transactional direct mail.