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Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro provides marketing tools for home service professionals (Pros) to reach their customers as part of its SaaS platform offering.

Housecall Pro uses 4x6 direct mail postcards as its primary direct mail format. Its data shows that this size postcard offers the best conversion per dollar spent, particularly for its niche in the home services industry. It's a pragmatic choice based on real-world results. The ability for their marketing to live in a more enduring way on kitchen countertops with the homeowner aware of their latent needs and the postcard prompting action helps to drive the ROI for the Pro.


The highly personalized postcards allow Pros to choose from pre-designed templates or upload designs. The back of the postcard provides space for customized text and calls-to-action, enabling Pros to tailor messages to each customer at a 1:1 level.

Read Housecall Pro's case study to learn more.

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