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Direct mail campaigns, at any scale and frequency

Lob's modern technology combined with a nationwide print and delivery network enables priority execution, at any scale.

Intelligent direct mail puts the power in your hands to convince and convert at scale.
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12,000+ innovative companies choose Lob to ignite possibilities. Meet our customers.

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“Lob created a highly efficient, flexible process that saves everyone time and resources. Lob enables us to do direct mail in a way that makes sense, without spending 5x what we should be.”

Laura Costello
Head of Marketing

Unmatched scalability, quality, and speed for direct mail production

Lob automates printing, postage, delivery, and address verification through an exclusive nationwide print delivery network, so your direct mailpieces are always priority #1.  

Replace traditional printers with print production at scale and reap the benefits:

  • Reduce costs by 85% by eliminating repetitive, manual processes
  • Worry-free production; from scheduling conflicts to paper shortages to equipment failures, we have you covered, so your project will send on time, and at the high quality you expect
  • No scale or frequency limits: Send as much or as often as you need

Predict costs and maximize ROI with flat-rate pricing

Lob's aggregated mail volume allows us to negotiate excellent rates - savings we pass on to you. Flat-rate pricing means you can better predict, plan, and budget to maximize your ROI.

Naked Wines

“Lob has been great for creating scalable direct mailing campaigns. The data visibility from production to the mailbox has allowed us to create triggers in an omnichannel campaign we couldn't get from other direct mail providers.”

Michael P.
CEO, Naked Wines

Retain customers like a pro.
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Reduce security and compliance risk

Customer information is often sent to legacy printers in a non-secure format leaving you prone to risk.

Our industry-leading security is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and built into every aspect of Lob. Printers in our network are evaluated and undergo rigorous onboarding to ensure that compliance is maintained throughout the entire process of sending your mail.

  • SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA, and GDPR compliant
  • Signed webhooks with HMAC signatures
  • Integrated directly with data sources to protect customer data
The Lob Promise: ‍100% Carbon Neutral

The Lob promise:
‍100% carbon neutral

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