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Investing in sustainable direct mail

Lob ensures responsible sourcing and practices in the production of every mailpiece.

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Lob Sustainable Direct MailLob Sustainable Direct Mail

The Lob promise:
‍100% carbon neutral

Setting a new sustainability standard for direct mail

Build ESG accountability into every direct mail campaign

Lob is committed to setting a new sustainability standard for direct mail and helping our customers and partners meet their sustainability goals.

All mail sent with Lob is carbon neutral through the entire lifecycle, from raw materials to ultimate disposal.

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Lob ESG Direct Mail CampaignLob ESG Direct Mail Campaign
Carbon Neutral LogoCarbon Neutral Logo

Offset emissions across the entire lifecycle

Lob continues to use responsibly sourced raw materials to minimize our footprint as much as possible. We use life cycle assessment (LCA) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of our products throughout their life cycles.

We offset what we cannot yet avoid by purchasing vetted carbon offset credits and certify our product through Climate Impact Partners, the leading global framework for carbon neutrality.

We plant more trees than we use

Lob Tree Plantation

Since 2018, we’ve planted over half a million trees, more than double the amount that we’ve used in the production of our mailpieces, through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Our customers are able to also reduce waste through built-in address verification, error handling, and direct mail best practices.

Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) Pulp Fiber Paper StockPost-Consumer Waste (PCW) Pulp Fiber Paper Stock

Use responsibly sourced, recycled paper

Lob proudly uses paper stock that contains post-consumer waste (PCW) pulp fiber for all letter and postcard mailings,  allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint, save water, power, and reduce waste.

All of the printers in our network work with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified stock paper — paper that is certified for sustainable harvesting and production.

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Direct Mail Campaign Target Audience SetupDirect Mail Campaign Target Audience Setup

Send less mail for bigger impact

Don’t send junk mail again! Lob’s intelligent automation platform enables targeted, data driven campaigns so you can send less mail, reduce wastage and errors, and get better results.

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