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Welcome to Lob

Building APIs to Increase Connectivity Between the Offline and Online Worlds

About Lob

We’re automating direct mail and address verification so modern businesses can move faster & create new growth opportunities.

Lob uses cloud software to help businesses send smarter mail, faster through automation.

Since launching in 2015, more than 7,000 companies have trusted Lob’s APIs to move faster and create new growth opportunities. 1-in-2 US households have received mail generated via Lob’s platform.
Lob’s APIs for Print & Mail and Address Verification reduce processing time by 25%, reclaiming thousands of hours, improving data quality, and unlocking new opportunities for growth.

Our Core Values Anchor Us

Own The Outcome

We are responsible for results. The output of our work is more important than the effort.

Move Fast, Take Action

We make decisions and take action in the face of uncertainty.

Level Up

We invest in one another.  We have a growth mindset and proactively seek and give feedback to improve our skills.

Curate Experiences

We make a positive impact on our customers, colleagues, and the world.

Empower Diversity

We foster a culture of inclusivity and seek diverse perspectives to make decisions.

Be Bold

We innovate, experiment, and take risks.  We push the envelope.

Work with Lob

We’re always looking for outstanding individuals to join our Lobster family! Want to be a Lobster?

Our Investors