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See how Automated Direct Mail can increase your ROI potential by 300%

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  • Automates direct mail at scale. Program and control direct mail just like email: automate triggers, define custom templates, and achieve lightning-fast delivery.
  • Increases address verification accuracy. Increase conversion and eliminate mistakes with front-end autocompletion, reduce returned mail with global delivery verification, and maintain evergreen database integrity with address standardization.
  • Improves efficiency. Reduce processing time by 25%, reclaiming thousands of hours, improving data quality, and unlocking new opportunities for growth.

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Why Lob?

We’ve brought the speed, agility, personalization, customization, and tracking of email to direct mail because direct mail is a key part of your omnichannel strategy and needs to move just as fast as your digital channels.

Lob automates the entire process of creating, sending, and tracking direct mail and address verification enabling you to acquire more customers, increase lifetime value, prevent churn, and engage with the right customer and exactly the right time providing a stellar customer journey.That’s why over 10,000 customers trust Lob to power their direct mail marketing. It’s time you joined the direct mail revolution.