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Lob Trust & Security

Industry-leading security, trusted by Fortune 500 companies,
and built into every aspect of Lob.

Security Features

  • Encryption
    All data is encrypted in transit with TLS and all S3/RDS data is encrypted at rest with AES
  • Data Access & Handling
    Support for data deletion & GDPR compliance
  • Continuous Monitoring
    Independent third-party penetration, threat, and vulnerability testing

Enterprise Security Features

  • Audit Logs
    Programmatic tracking for all activities and requests in your account
  • SSO
    User access control with Single Sign On via SAML
    Support for HIPAA compliant workflows
  • RBAC
    Role based account access for your team
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Reporting Vulnerabilities

If you have identified a vulnerability in Lob,
please report it through our Bug Bounty program.

Security Features