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Included Health

Included Healthcare represents the future of healthcare for its patients with comprehensive and convenient care, from urgent care to primary care, specialty care to behavioral health, in person or virtually, in a personalized way, 24/7. All included (hence the name).

Included Health uses intelligent direct mail for effective customer acquisition and brand awareness campaigns. 

Included Health automated its direct mail campaigns based on triggers in its CRM system, such as a member starting a new job, moving, or a follow-up after a visit to a clinic or healthcare facility.

The results got Included Health’s heart pumping. The average activation rate was nearly 3% (2.87) across multiple direct mail campaigns compared to 2% for email.

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This targeted program is something that we’re continuing to build around and invest in. The automation aspect of Lob is huge. It’s easy to manage our evergreen direct mail campaigns and know that they’re always on. And we’re happy with what we’re seeing and trying to continue to scale and grow it.

Brian Bojan
Senior Marketing Manager 

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