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The folks behind Thuma have an eye for detail. Globally inspired and designed in San Francisco, Thuma draws from modern architecture, Japanese craftsmanship, fashion, and interior design. For two years, they designed and prototyped dozens of beds. And then spent thousands of hours testing, trashing, improving, and refining until they created the perfect platform bed, designed for today’s Indoor Enthusiasts.

Thuma keeps that same eye to detail in its direct mail postcard seen in this Best Direct Mail Campaign example. The brand includes plenty of eye-catching modern imagery of the beds, and includes a QR code to scan to explore the bedroom. It also includes a promo code for $25 toward a bed (which can be tracked for conversions) and a five-star customer testimonial. This same offer is available when a prospect visits the brand's homepage for consistent offer messaging.

Source: Who's Mailing What!

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