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Live Event Series

How to Win with Direct Mail

The Modern Marketer’s Best Practices Series

May 25, 2022
11:00 am PT/ 2:00 pm ET

Seasoned, data-driven marketers like you trust the direct mail channel for its ability to generate leads, increase retention, and boost conversion rates. If you are looking to add direct mail to existing digital campaigns or expand your existing program, this three-part webinar series breaks down the fundamentals of direct mail marketing and offers data-driven best practices for your marketing strategy. 

Join us to learn how to reach your acquisition, retention, and pipeline targets by creating a consistent customer journey that includes direct mail. 

In this three-part how-to webinar series you will learn how to:

Meet the Speakers

Ray Van Iterson, Manager of Marketing Strategy, USPS

Julie Ginn, VP Demand Generation, Lob

Evan Metrock, Founder, iExit & Billboard Alerts

Summer Hahnlen, Direct Mail Expert, Lob

Andrew Reagan, Product Manager, Lob

When you register for the webinar series you will gain exclusive access to our Modern Marketer's Best Practices Guide.