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Top 23 Lob Marketing Blogs of 2023
Direct Mail
December 28, 2023

Top 23 Lob Marketing Blogs of 2023

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Stephanie Donelson

2024 is right around the corner! While we’re ready to embrace a new year and with it new marketing campaigns, product and feature launches, and another year of creating excellent content, we do want to take a moment and look back on 2023.

Specifically, we want to look back on some of our most popular direct mail marketing blog posts of the year!

We noticed a few key themes and trends among the popular pieces, including interest in topics such as:

  • The best direct mail campaigns
  • A/B testing in direct mail marketing
  • Personalization in direct mail marketing
  • Direct mail tracking and marketing attribution
  • And key takeaways from industry events and webinars

We’ll continue to discuss these topics as we move into 2024, but if you want to catch up on these 2023 trends before we say goodbye to the year, check out our top blog posts listed below!

2023’s most popular marketing blogs

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Personalization

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Birthday Marketing Campaigns

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Happy Holidays

Direct Mail Delivering Opportunities to Marketers: A Recap of the USPS and Lob AdWeek’s BrandWeek Session

How to Send Mail with Lob

Anatomy of Direct Mail in Healthcare

6 Things to Think About Before Retargeting Anonymous Website Visitors

Webinar Recap: The 2023 State of Direct Mail

Unlocking the Power of UTM Parameters in Direct Mail Marketing

A Conversation With Lob Leadership on Consumer Insights on Direct Mail

5 Things to Try in Your Direct Mail - Based on Real Results

4 Direct Mail A/B Tests to Test in 2024

Key Takeaways From the Data-Driven Direct Mail: Personalization Best Practices Webinar

Direct Mail Marketing: What Marketers Can Learn from Each Other and Consumers

Key Takeaways From the DELIVERED Conference’s Revolutionizing Direct Mail Session

Marketing Checklist for Holiday Campaigns

3 Focus Areas for Direct Mail Strategies and How to Measure the Results

Evaluating Your Customer Acquisition Marketing Efforts: The Role of AI in Direct Mail

12 Marketing Lessons From Holiday Movies

5 Hacks for Quickly Creating a Direct Mail Campaign

How to Prepare for a Direct Mail Pilot

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Direct Mail and Email Marketing Combined

Is your direct mail marketing strategy ready for 2024?

Go into the new year confident you're up-to-date with the latest direct mail trends by watching our on-demand video: How to Prepare Your Direct Mail Strategy for 2024.

How to prepare your direct mail strategy for 2024

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