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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Customer Retention
Direct Mail
February 13, 2024

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Customer Retention

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Stephanie Donelson

Each month, we feature some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that inspire our own direct mail marketing efforts, and we hope they inspire yours as well.

Today, we’re highlighting three brands that are sending amazing direct mail marketing campaigns to retain customers.

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Hahnlen bets big on retention campaigns for direct mail in 2024

During a recent panel discussion on direct mail trends for 2024, our very own Direct Mail Expert in Residence, Summer Hahnlen, made a big bet on retention campaigns as main drivers for direct mail this year.

We expect customer retention to be a key focus for marketers in their direct mail marketing efforts this year. So, why not learn from the best? See how these brands are using direct mail to the best of their ability in their customer retention efforts in this blog post!

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American Express

American Express, the credit card company, sent out this customer retention letter. Let’s see what elements are working in this direct mail marketing campaign:

  • Copy: This mailer features copy designed to evoke emotions. There are new possibilities this year and AMEX is here to support you and your journey, both now and into the future. Plus, they’ll help you protect what matters most to you.
  • Call-out copy: Not only is the tone and copy in this mailer written to reaffirm a sense of security and confidence in AMEX, but the mailer has call-out text boxes running down the side so customers can see what product or service is being talked about and read the ones that are important to them, and skip reading about services they may not need.
  • CTAs: AMEX is offering its customers easy ways to take advantage of the offers in this mailer. Whether the recipient prefers to scan a QR code to learn more on their mobile device or visit a webpage, the choice is theirs.
  • Imagery: This direct mail campaign’s imagery is active, bright, and features a variety of life experiences and lifestyles. Whether you want to fund your trek to the top of the mountain or stay cozy on the couch with your family and save for the future, AMEX will be there for you.
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Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest, a meal delivery service, is retaining customers with a discount offer via direct mail. Let’s see what’s working in this direct mail campaign:

  • Offer: The offer is simple and straightforward: $50 off the next box - with no coupon code needed! Customers can scan the QR code or simply login and the offer is automatically applied at checkout. The offer is also called out on both sides of the postcard to ensure customers see it.
  • Copy: The copy on this direct mail campaign is minimal but effective. The food is good for you, it’s fast, and gets your day off on the right start.
  • Imagery: The imagery on this mailer is effective as it shows off the products. You know exactly what you’re going to get.
  • Sustainability: We’ve featured Daily Harvest before as the brand does such a great job with promoting its eco-friendly practices. This mailer features the FSC logo to highlight that the mailer was made with paper from responsible sources. Customers can feel good about getting their green veggies from a green company.
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JOANN, the fabrics and crafts brand, sent out a customer retention campaign. Here’s why this mailer works:

  • Customer nurture: This mailer is part of a welcome/customer nurture campaign to welcome customers to the JOANN family. A perk of being in the JOANN family? Additional savings on the go via the app!
  • Branding: The colors on this mailer match JOANN’s branding and make it instantly recognizable, plus it has its logo on the postcard a few times for even better recognition.
  • Design: The layout of this postcard follows the F-style and makes it super easy to scan. Our eyes naturally follow the text down the page and aren’t overwhelmed by copy or design elements. It’s well-balanced.
  • Offer: This direct mail campaign also features an offer for 20% off and can be used in-store with the barcode or has a coupon code that can be used online. Customers can shop based on their personal preferences.
  • Sustainability: Like Daily Harvest, JOANN also sends out eco-conscious direct mail. In fact, we spy our own Lob 100% carbon neutral mail logo on this mailer from JOANN!

Retain customers with direct mail marketing

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