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Lob Address Verification API Helps Fundraise Up Increase Donations

“We deal with some horrible APIs in the nonprofit sector. It’s mostly subpar, 90s technology. It was refreshing to use the Lob API.”

Sal Salpietro

Chief Integration Officer

Fundraise Up is an online platform that is changing the way online donations are made. Founded in 2017, Fundraise Up has become essential for non-profits such as UNICEF, and Save the Children. Fundraise Up’s goal is to make it easier for organizations to focus on their mission by reducing the operational impact of accepting online donations. Utilizing a seamless, dynamic, machine learning solution to their checkout process; Fundraise Up, enables charitable organizations to have a checkout experience that mirrors the eCommerce industry. Fundraise Up integrates with numerous CRM, analytic, and payment platforms to accept multiple payment options and support 135 currencies, which has increased online donations for some charities by 200%.

The Need For a Complete Solution

Fundraise Up assists with collecting and processing online donations by integrating directly into an organization’s website. When a potential donor goes to make a donation with an organization that uses Fundraise Up, they fill out a streamlined form that autocompletes their address information. Originally, Fundraise Up used a lightweight solution that was powered by a large search engine, but the technology wasn’t powerful enough and resulted in Fundraise Up collecting addresses that were incorrect, misspelled, and undeliverable. This meant that Fundraise Up was sharing faulty data with the very organizations that they were trying to help.

Fundraise Up knew that they needed a USPS address verification that was CASS certified, which would allow them to collect, suggest, and cleanse data with deliverable addresses. Fundraise Up’s Chief Integration Officer, Sal Salpietro, remembers why it was so important to implement the right solution:

“If it’s important for our nonprofit organizations, it’s important to us. For nonprofit organizations to send paper mail, and getting returned to senders, they are literally throwing money away, and money that could be helping their mission. So having validated addresses, not only puts more money in their missions, but it also saves them time that they can dedicate to the mission, instead of fixing addresses.”

Empowering Nonprofits by Removing Operational Friction

As a tech-forward company, Fundraise Up wanted a solution that would be reliable, easy to integrate, and secure. When Fundraise Up evaluated Lob, they were impressed with its functionality, thorough documentation, and ease of use — which allowed them to integrate Lob Address Verification API in less than two weeks. “We deal with some horrible APIs in the nonprofit sector,” Sal Salpietro says, “It’s mostly subpar, 90s technology. It was refreshing to use the Lob API.”

With Lob, Fundraise Up has been able to simplify their users’ checkout experiences, which has increased the total number of donations made and reduced donor abandonment rates. By using Lob Address Verification API, Fundraise Up empowers its users with accurate data that effectively reduces the operational friction surrounding online donations, and gives them more time to focus on their mission.

Stop faulty address data before they can even start. Use Lob Address Verification API, to reduce customer-facing friction, improve workflows, and save money with deliverability. Get started now, your first 300 verifications are free.

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