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Introducing Smarter Metrics for Smarter Campaigns
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May 21, 2024

Introducing Smarter Metrics for Smarter Campaigns

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It’s Lob’s goal to provide you with direct mail data that drives your decision-making. Access to these insights empowers you to fine-tune targeting, enhance engagement, and optimize the overall effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns.

That’s why we are excited to introduce campaign-specific analytics within the Lob dashboard. 

In the Lob dashboard, under Mail Analytics, you will find data for all mail you have sent with Lob across any number of campaigns within a time period. But now, after you’ve placed an order in our Campaigns tool, you can click into any Live campaign to see laser-focused insights.

What you can measure 

Our new campaign analytics are designed to help you ensure that every campaign you run is more informed than the last. Here’s a quick overview of what you can measure:

  • Campaign summary: Get the birds-eye view of each campaign with stats including total orders, estimated cost, delivered and undeliverable mailers.
  • QR code engagement: Understand how recipients interact with your campaign's QR codes, including the frequency and timing of scans. 
  • Delivery speed: Track how quickly your mail moves from being sent to marked as processed for delivery, pinpointing efficiency and flagging any delays. 
  • Delivery distribution: Analyze where your mail is going and how fast it gets there with a breakdown of mail pieces by state, helping you optimize your future send strategies.

Campaign summary and tracking events

Under the Overview tab, we’ve added a new section at the top to summarize some key details of your campaign: Order Placed, Estimated Cost, Total Recipients, Deliverable, and Undeliverable. You can find the Campaign ID under the Create Campaign button in the ellipsis menu.

Under the campaign summary, the stepper displays the tracking events in your mail's delivery process. Below the stepper, the graph (not pictured) provides a further breakdown of your mail by day, week, or month. This data can also be downloaded for further analysis. 

Campaign analytics: QR Code Engagement 

If your campaign's mailpieces include Lob-generated QR Codes, the next step is understanding the engagement rates associated with these mailpieces. Under Analytics, the QR Code Engagement section will track how the mailpieces you’ve sent with QR Codes are performing over a selected period of time. 

Campaign analytics: Delivery Speed & Delivery Distribution

Under the Analytics tab, Enterprise customers will find two new insights specific to each campaign: delivery speed and delivery distribution.

Delivery Speed shows the number of business days it took from a mail piece's send_date to the date the mail piece was marked as processed_for_delivery by the USPS; data can be filtered and shows the average and median mail speed for all the mail pieces that fall within the filter. 

For a direct mail marketer, mail speed data can help optimize future mailings by identifying potential bottlenecks or delays in the delivery process, and allows for better planning and coordination of marketing efforts with more accurate timing and expectations for delivery.

For those sending transactional or operational mail, understanding the time window between send date and delivery is crucial for forecasting and ensuring timely delivery of important documents to customers.

Delivery Distribution shows the number of mail pieces sent to each US state as well as details like how many mail pieces have received a processed_for_delivery tracking event (the most reliable indicator of delivery), as well as average and median mail speeds (calculated the same way as the Delivery Speed tab).

Analyzing how quickly mail pieces are processed for delivery in each state, as well as average and median mail speeds, can help optimize mailing processes. 

Make the most of your data

Lob provides unparalleled transparency into the journey of each mail piece throughout the entire print production and delivery process. Webhooks can be configured to ingest this real-time tracking event data from Lob into your databases and dashboards. Possible use cases include notifying end-users about mail traveling through the postal system, or triggering specific downstream workflows and actions (for example, firing off an email once a postcard is delivered). Employing webhooks this way can be a valuable component of an omnichannel strategy.

Get started

We empower you to analyze and interpret your mailpiece data at both the individual and campaign levels, ensuring comprehensive insights into channel performance.

If you are a Lob customer, check out the new campaign metrics in the Lob dashboard.

Want to jump right in and explore the Lob platform? Register for your Lob account here

Interested in learning more about how Lob can help you track your direct mail engagement? Contact us today. 

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