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Spire Law uses Lob to ensure accurate delivery addresses and seamless mail workflows

“We use the verification API not only for things sent through Lob but also for all our packages NOT sent through Lob”

Kyle Harris

Head of Engineering

Spire Law is a Florida based law firm that specializes in employment litigation and is leveraging offline communication to bring relief to businesses suffering as a result of the pandemic. Over the last few months, Spire Law has seen their customers, small businesses, and other companies hurting in new ways. Spire is uniquely positioned to offer legal assistance to these businesses;  alleviating some of their difficulties. Leveraging direct mail for outreach to Florida based businesses, Spire Law offers their services in hopes of easing some of the hardships employers are facing. 

Spire relies on mail for marketing efforts, but also utilizes the channel for ongoing communications. Direct mail is a successful and important channel for Spire, however, the cost and time required to execute it inhouse was not scalable. Each mail piece needed to be unique and highly personalized, as they contained details of an individual’s legal case. Ensuring that each letter contained the appropriate information proved to be extremely resource intensive. 

Additionally sensitive packages and letters were not always reaching their destinations, resulting in a poor customer experience and wasted mail costs. Spire was sending mail to the addresses on file, yet saw a significant number of letters and packages marked as "return-to-sender," which were sent  back to their offices. Sending out acquisition mail to incorrect addresses meant wasted marketing dollars, and sending undeliverable litigation mail meant that customers were not receiving important updates about their cases. 

A solution that could scale with their business and alleviate manual processes involved in failed deliveries was a top priority when evaluating options. Spire needed a mail provider that could offer the same dynamic content capability as email, so each mailpiece would be unique and personalized to the recipient. They also needed to make sure that the mail would actually reach the intended destination to ensure a seamless customer experience. Lob fit the bill by offering both an Address Verification API and Print and Mail API. Spire sends various types of mail and packages, so ensuring that the addresses were deliverable was essential. 

Implementing Lob was dead simple. We made a letter match the PDF template you guys provided. The API docs were quite good.

Implementation was seamless, made even easier by the straightforward and well written documentation and the template gallery. "Implementing Lob was dead simple. We made a letter match the PDF template you guys provided. The API docs were quite good," recalls Kyle Harris, Spire’s Head of Engineering and fellow YCombinator grad (W19).

Since implementing Lob, Spire has been able to scale their direct mail efforts and reach new lines of business. Spire has since automatically sent  thousands of personalized letters, and verified thousands of addresses. "Lob greatly increased our marketing departments capacity to reach out via the mail. It's now an important consideration for all new potential lines of business. We can grow faster because we use Lob." says Harris. Additionally Spire has been able to reduce wasted mail costs incurred by failed deliveries. "We use the verification API not only for things sent through Lob but all our packages NOT sent through Lob. While we [previously] didn’t track return to senders, it has gone down to almost nothing since implementing the verifications API into our normal shipping process."

Spire sends large volumes of mail and packages both for customer acquisition and for customer communication. The sensitive nature of the packages makes accurate delivery imperative. By implementing Lob for both address verification and mail, Spire was able to ensure accurate delivery addresses and seamless mail workflows.

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