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Set Up Triggered Direct Mail in a Few Clicks with New No-Code Integrations
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June 25, 2024

Set Up Triggered Direct Mail in a Few Clicks with New No-Code Integrations

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The most effective omnichannel marketing targets customers where they already are — whether that’s a browser, inbox, or mailbox. That’s why Lob integrates seamlessly with the rest of your marketing stack, making it easy for you to trigger direct mail that connects the dots between online and offline interactions. 

As a tech company founded by developers, we take pride in offering numerous integrations via our award-winning APIs so you can create customized connections with your favorite tools — and we’re not stopping there!

Introducing no-code integrations that connect to your CRM platform from the Lob dashboard

Our new turnkey integrations make it easy to connect to the tools you already use with zero lift from your dev team. Get set up in a few clicks, and start sending triggered direct mail that hits the mailbox at the right moment to boost the impact of your digital campaigns. 

Re-engage after an abandoned cart, celebrate a birthday with a special offer, or send a just-in-time renewal reminder. You can personalize every piece with information pulled directly from your database. Plus, Lob removes operational roadblocks, sending triggered direct mail within hours while keeping it compliant.

How to send automated direct mail in 5 easy steps

Send physical mail with digital ease using your tools and your data.

  1. Connect to your customer data in a few clicks from the new “Integrations” tab in the Lob dashboard.
  2. Choose the “Automated” campaign type in the Campaigns workflow.
  3. Specify your trigger, based on events in your database.
  4. Build the rest of your campaign as usual — including uploading your creative (optional: personalize with data from your CRM).
  5. Review and send, then track your results with Lob’s advanced direct mail analytics.

For more on direct mail automation, dive into the details of Lob integrations in our Help Center.

Get started with automated direct mail campaigns

Lob meets you where you are so you can meet your customers where they are, and create a truly omnichannel experience. It’s now easier than ever to make triggered direct mail another powerful part of your customer journey. With automated direct mail campaigns that complement your digital strategy, you’ll improve performance across every channel — both online and in the mailbox.

Check out our no-code solutions in the Lob dashboard: integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, Salesforce (SFDC), Agile CRM, Freshsales Suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, and Zoho in a few clicks — with more coming soon! 

We also integrate with over a dozen platforms via API, and in the future, we’ll be expanding our integrations to include CDP and marketing automation software, ad platforms, and more design tools. You can explore all of Lob’s integrations on our website.

New to Lob and want to learn more about how simple it is to add automated direct mail to your digital campaigns? Contact us today.

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