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Operational Mail Boot Camp

Sign up for Lob's Operational Mail Boot Camp to automate, integrate, and optimize your direct mail operations.

In 2023, it's all about gains in efficiency and productivity. If you're tired of doing the heavy lifting of your non-promotional direct mail communications, such as sending statements, explanation of benefits letters, bills, regulated or compliance-based communications, etc., then you’ll want to  join this Operational Mail Boot Camp to help you work smarter, not harder.

When you sign up for the boot camp, you’ll gain access to three easy-to-follow lessons focused on automating, integrating, and optimizing your operational mail. Each chapter will conclude with an exercise to help you put your new knowledge into practice and begin optimizing your non-promotional direct mail.

This boot camp is for you if…

  • You send or manage a team that sends operational mail 
  • You are focused on innovating and improving productivity in your business
  • You want to reduce resource costs and time spent managing direct mail
  • You care about security and regulatory compliance

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