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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Customer Reactivation
Direct Mail
March 12, 2024

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Customer Reactivation

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Stephanie Donelson

Each month we feature some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that inspire our own direct mail marketing efforts, and we hope they inspire yours as well.

Today, we’re highlighting three brands that are sending amazing direct mail marketing campaigns to reactivate or win back customers.

Direct mail is an ideal channel for reactivation as many churned customers will have unsubscribed from emails and reaching them in their physical mailbox with a personalized message can help win them back without overwhelming their inbox.

Let’s see what elements are working for these offline marketing campaigns.

Direct mail campaign from Madison Reed
A self-mailer from Madison Reed
A piece of mail from Madison Reed
A self-mailer from Madison Reed

Madison Reed

Madison Reed, the hair care and hair color company, used a highly effective self-mailer to reactivate customers. Let’s see what elements are working in this direct mail marketing campaign:

  • Imagery: An image is worth a thousand words and even more so when you’re trying to sell products that need to be seen: like hair color kits and hair care products. Customers want to see the end result and Madison Reed features that front and center on this mailer. Another interesting thing Madison Reed did here with the imagery is having the woman on the inside looking directly at the copy. Our eyes naturally want to see what she’s looking at and then we’ll be more likely to scan the text.
  • Branding: The Madison Reed-branded purple color is also front and center on this self-mailer. Customers will immediately recognize the branding and color scheme and know who this mailer is from.
  • Offer: The offer is straightforward: 20% off. And, Madison Reed is following the rule of three by having the circular call-out box highlighting the discount on every single page of this mailer. You cannot look at this direct mail campaign and miss the offer.
  • QR code: The mailer has a QR code that takes recipients right to the shade finder tool, which is probably one of their most-accessed pages on the site. This mailer highlights the idea of confidence as a company value and customers want to feel confident about their color choice and an easy way to do that is to help them visualize what they’ll look like.
  • Copy: The copy in this is to the point and is all about values: Being confident, using quality ingredients, and looking your best.

A mailer from Things Remembered
A holiday direct mail campaign from Things Remembered
A postcard from Things Remembered

Things Remembered

Things Remembered, a retail company specializing in personalized gifts and keepsakes, sent a postcard as part of its customer reactivation campaign. Let’s see what’s working in this direct mail campaign:

  • Offer: The offer is easy to see and has a custom coupon code–making it easy for the marketing team on the backend to track which customers took advantage of this mailer’s offer. The offer is 20% off with no minimum spend required.
  • Copy: The copy gives the recipient a few reasons to come back and shop with Things Remembered, the retailer now offers faster turnaround times, new products, and even more personalization options for a truly personalized and memorable gift.
  • Imagery: The mailer evokes feelings of the holidays as consumers are shopping for the right gifts for their loved ones. Instead of something generic, why not get something that’s personalized? The images also feature a few of the retailer’s products to show off the wide range of items available.
  • Social icons: Things Remembered features its social media profiles so customers can choose to follow them on the network of their choosing. It’s an easy nudge and only opens the door for Things Remembered to stay top-of-mind for customers.

A direct mail campaign from Ulta
A customer reactivation mailer from Ulta
A winback direct mail campaign from Ulta


Ulta, the makeup retailer, is no stranger to being featured on our Best Direct Mail Campaigns collection! The retailer is back and doing a great job at winning back its customers. Here’s why this mailer works:

  • Copy: This mailer gets right to the point and tells the recipient that Ulta misses them and will give them bonus points if the customer comes back and shops. Ulta also breaks down the value of the points in case the customer doesn’t remember the monetary value of the points.
  • Offer: We already noted that the offer is to get bonus points when the customer shops and the offer is valid for a good length of time, making it easy for the customer to take advantage of it at their leisure. The interesting caveat is that the customer has to login and activate the offer to get it, instead of it automatically being applied.
  • Branding: Like Madison Reed, this mailer features Ulta’s color scheme and the branding is instantly recognizable to former customers.
  • QR code: The campaign also features a QR code for quick scanning in case the customer wants to get a move on on their shopping spree.
  • Design: The mailer is well-designed and easy to scan. There’s not much, like images or other elements, distracting the recipient from reading the copy and understanding why they should plan to shop at Ulta soon. The mailer features bold colors and bolded text to help move the recipient’s eyes down the mailer and take in the information.

Win back customers with direct mail marketing

Want to continue learning about best practices in direct mail marketing for reactivating customers? Download your copy of the eBook: The Modern Marketers Guide to Reactivating Customers With Direct Mail.

See customer reactivation campaigns in action:

A postcard from thredUP
A customer reactivation campaign from thredUP

Increased ROI is always in fashion: How thredUP increased ROI 128%

thredUP’s Brittany Reano, Senior Manager of Growth Marketing, added direct mail to the brand’s reactivation strategies. She told us, “When we started this relationship, we needed to get some postcards out to reactivate customers. In just a short amount of time, we've learned a lot. We know we’ll make direct mail a permanent part of our strategy moving forward.”

Read thredUP’s success story

Marley Spoon feeds direct mail into its customer reactivation strategy

Marley Spoon also leveraged direct mail to reactivate and stop churn! Malin Dettmann-Levin, Marley Spoon CRM Lead Reactivation, told us, "With each campaign we’ve sent, we've seen a higher conversion rate and a slightly lower cost per reactivation. It’s thrilling to see how we’ve improved throughout the quarter, even though direct mail hasn't been the channel that we spent most of our focus on. It makes me excited for the rest of the year to see what we can do to leverage it even more.”

Read Marley Spoon’s success story

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