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5 Things Lob Can Do for Your Direct Mail

The future of direct mail is automation and enterprise brands are ditching legacy workflows for better, more efficient ways of executing direct mail that drive greater response and ROI, can be triggered based on customer behavior, tracked, and are carbon-neutral. 

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Lob is the only automation platform for marketers who rely on direct mail, automating campaign creation, printing, postage, delivery, and sustainability with end-to-end analytics and campaign attribution. Lob’s 12,000+ customers have sent more than 1 billion pieces of mail through the platform.

Take a look at five things Lob can do for your direct mail marketing because why settle for legacy direct mail workflows?

Increase ROI exponentially

Thousands of companies count on Lob to execute direct mail campaigns with hyper-personalization, continuous optimization, and multiple form factors which all play in part in driving increased response, conversion and ROI. The latest State of Direct Mail reports that over three-quarters of marketers say that direct mail marketing delivers the best ROI of any channel.

Improve operational efficiency and cost savings

Save thousands of hours of time by eliminating legacy direct mail workflows. Direct mail campaigns can take months to get out the door due to legacy workflows, managing printers, and lack of resources.

Lob simplifies workflows by automating all your direct mail‚Äďfrom creatives to delivery.

  • Decrease project timelines by ‚ÖĒ and increase mail production by 150% with automated printing, postage, address verification, and sustainability initiatives¬†
  • Get unlimited capacity with access to Lob‚Äôs expansive, always-on Print Delivery Network
  • Predictable costs with flat-rate pricing

Be eco-conscious

Lob is keenly aware of the environmental impact that direct mail has on our planet and is committed to neutralizing the footprint of all mail sent through Lob.

All mail sent with Lob is 100% carbon-neutral for both print and delivery. Here’s how we do it: 

  • Use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and incorporate post-consumer waste recycling into our paper whenever possible
  • Plant more trees than we use. We‚Äôve planted more than 200,000 trees since 2017
  • Reduce waste through address verification and direct mail best practices

Be more efficient

Direct mail automation streamlines and optimizes manual processes, saving companies thousands of hours. It centralizes customer data, enables personalization, and provides pre-designed templates. Automation tools segment mailing lists, reduce errors, and perform quality checks, while also optimizing postage rates. They offer real-time tracking and analytics for performance evaluation and ensure compliance with regulations. Integration with CRM and marketing software simplifies data transfer. This overall efficiency enhancement allows companies to focus on strategy and creativity, rather than time-consuming manual tasks.

Execute campaigns in days, not months

Create and send your direct mail campaigns in 5-7 days, not months.

Wrap up

Direct mail marketing automation platforms make manual, labor-intensive workflows a thing of the past. Modernize your direct mail today with a direct mail service optimized for driving response, conversion, and ROI.

About Lob

Lob is the only direct mail automation platform for the digital age. Lob's platform automates the direct mail execution process for enterprises at any scale - from creation, printing, postage, delivery, and sustainability with end-to-end analytics and campaign attribution. Over 12,000 businesses trust Lob to transform their direct mail into intelligent mail.

Find out more about Lob’s automated direct mail marketing.

Ready to see Lob in action? 

Our best-in-class automation, audience and analytics platform coupled with our expansive print delivery network enables you to execute direct mail campaigns at any frequency and scale, from one to millions.

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