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Direct Mail Measurement Just Got Easier with Lob's QR Codes
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May 21, 2024

Direct Mail Measurement Just Got Easier with Lob's QR Codes

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At Lob, we understand that measuring the impact of direct mail beyond delivery can be a challenge. That's why we’re always developing deeper analytics and measurement features that give our customers more insight into performance. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that all customers can now generate QR codes directly on their mailpieces, allowing you to measure the impact of your entire direct mail program. 

Why QR Codes Matter

QR codes have become a standard part of our daily lives, whether it’s ordering food at a restaurant or getting tickets scanned at an event. For marketers, QR codes play a powerful role in connecting the offline and online customer experience. They can easily direct recipients to landing pages, promotional offers, or product pages. For operational or transactional mail, QR codes simplify processes and provide quick access to account information, payment portals, or appointment scheduling.

It’s all about making it easier for customers to take action. And, similarly, it needs to be easy for you (the marketer!) to add customized QR codes to your mail pieces – no matter the scale of your send – so you can understand how customers are responding. Our 2024 State of Direct Mail Marketing report identifies QR codes as one of the most popular methods for measuring conversions from direct mail campaigns.

Lob QR Codes Now Available to Everyone 

Generating QR codes directly via Lob removes the need for third-party providers, reducing the friction of outside integrations and tracking. This functionality is integrated directly into Lob’s Print & Mail API and the Campaigns tool

Add QR codes to your mailpieces via Campaigns 

For our Enterprise users, advanced customization options are also available! 

  • Increase your brand's visibility by incorporating your logo inside the QR code.
  • Level up your design by selecting your corporate colors for the QR code’s foreground and background. 
  • Personalize the URL in the QR for each recipient.

Engagement Metrics Offer Clear Visibility 

Lob helps you better understand campaign results, so you can continuously improve audience engagement and performance over time. 

All customers can access engagement data on their Lob-generated QR codes; this can be accessed in a few ways:

  1. Metrics for QR codes can be retrieved via API, from Lob’s QR code analytics endpoint. You can retrieve the total number scanned, as well as details like IP address, the date of scan, and the number of times the QR code was scanned.
  2. Webhooks can push real-time notifications to you. These can be incorporated into your omnichannel marketing campaign to trigger an email, mailpiece, or other action when a QR is scanned (i.e., a mailpiece is viewed).  
  3. In the Lob dashboard, see how the mailpieces you’ve sent with QR Codes are performing over a selected period of time. Access campaign-specific QR engagement metrics from any campaign’s detail page (under Analytics), or view QR data across any or all campaigns in the Mail Analytics dashboard >Engagement. 

Beyond QR Codes 

If your audience isn’t likely to scan a QR code, you can still include a special call-to-action on every mailpiece like a URL, coupon code, or phone number. This can be unique to the campaign, or you can provide a customized CTA for each recipient. Lob makes this easy by supporting HTML creatives with merge variables, in the same way you can dynamically personalize email. 

Get Started 

If you’re a Lob customer and ready to add QR codes to your direct mail, log in to your dashboard and create a QR code in Campaigns today. 

Want to jump right in and explore? Register for your Lob account here

Interested in learning more about how Lob can help you track your direct mail engagement? Contact us today. 

From trackable QR codes and customized CTAs to serving up critical analytics in your dashboard, we’re continuously improving our product to offer clear, actionable insights to optimize, hone, and do more of what works.

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