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State of Direct Mail Marketing: Telecommunications Industry
Direct Mail
March 14, 2024

State of Direct Mail Marketing: Telecommunications Industry

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Direct mail is an effective strategy that every telecommunications marketing company should use — especially those who already service their customers' homes with a phone or internet service. In fact, 92% of telecommunications marketers agree direct mail outperforms every other marketing channel regarding ROI.

According to Lob's 2024 State of Direct Mail Marketing Report, 82% of telecommunications marketers have increased their marketing budget allocation for direct mail — a significant surge from 58% in 2023. Telecommunications companies will continue to use direct mail marketing this year alongside other marketing channels as part of their omnichannel strategies.

Here are some key insights from Lob's recent report. The latest data shows how telecommunications companies use direct mail campaigns to drive performance and growth.

Telecom marketers are savvy about data usage

Marketers in the telecommunications sector show exceptional ingenuity in using their data wisely. Telecom marketers are leading the way in multi-channel and omnichannel campaigns. Data shows their ability to collect the right data across varying touch points to drive more informed decisions.

Based on the latest report, 69% of telecom marketers are successfully capitalizing on web behavioral data — and 67% use offline interactions to drive greater insight. Marketers then apply these insights to direct mail initiatives.

Their ability to collect and use the right data at the right time drives personalized communication. This data influences campaign types and direct mail elements. Plus, when partnering with an innovative platform like Lob, they can easily integrate automated direct mail campaigns with existing tech stacks.

Regarding the sources telecom marketers are integrating with direct mail, 85% reported marketing automation, 74% reported CRM, 64% reported CDP, and 10% reported third-party data. Learn more about how you can maximize effect with minimal effort.

Campaign types are allowing marketers to achieve more specific goals

Marketers in the telecommunications industry use direct mail to achieve their goals throughout the customer journey.

Using direct mail in telecommunications allows companies to target customers, regardless of where they are in that journey, driving measurable results. Whether it be an acquisition or a win-back campaign, automated, data-driven direct mail campaigns are helping telecom companies of all sizes scale.

In the telecom industry, based on the companies surveyed, 28% of campaigns were sent to acquire customers, 25% to retain customers, 25% to fuel referral campaigns, and 22% to win back customers. The goals associated with these campaign types are achieved via welcome letters, renewal notices, product offers, and everything in between — all of which can be automated.

Discover how a telecom giant transformed acquisition with automated direct mail.

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Marketers prefer postcards and letters for telecom campaigns

Brands use multiple direct mail formats to reach their customers and clients. The preferred formats differ based on the industry, target audience, desired action, etc.

For example, dynamic postcards are a go-to format when brands want to showcase their image using an eye-catching design and clear messaging. Postcards are the most popular choice within the telecom industry, with 72% of the survey respondents using this flexible and engaging direct mail format.

Other top formats telecom marketers use include letters and envelopes (64% of respondents) and catalogs (62% of respondents).

Test and pivot to utilize the best formats for your brand

To strengthen your campaigns, you can leverage the power of A/B testing. This approach will help you find the best format for your audience. Use A/B testing to determine whether you should stand out from the crowd or follow the postcard trends.

Testing different design elements will optimize the effect of your direct mail efforts as you connect better with your target audience. This testing process goes hand-in-hand with campaign types, too. Discover which elements work when the goal is to acquire, convert, or retain customers — for example, one CTA vs another or a QR code vs a promo code.

Personalized communication will remain a top priority

Capturing your audience's attention can be tough, so hyper-personalization remains a top priority in telecommunications marketing. Direct mail campaigns are no exception.

Considering 87% of telecom marketers agree direct mail delivers the best conversion rates, think how much better campaigns could be when hyper-personalized. With platforms like Lob, limitless customization options are driving results.

So, where are potential areas of improvement as you optimize your direct mail personalization strategy?

The latest report shows that 72% of telecom marketers personalize the text on the envelope, and 67% personalize the text in the direct mail. However, more can be done regarding personalized coupons and imagery — two tactics likely to capture your intended audience's attention.

Only 50% of the surveyed marketers are sending personalized offers/coupons to their audience, and just 39% are using personalized imagery.

This year and beyond, use your customer data to create tailored experiences. Connect more deeply with your customers by segmenting your audience, using a trigger-based strategy, investing in testing, and being willing to adapt.

Discover more for telecom businesses in Lob's 2024 State of Direct Mail

Using direct mail in telecommunications marketing remains one of the most effective strategies. Using this channel to drive a higher ROI via greater automation and personalization will remain critical in the years to come.

Read more insights into direct mail marketing for telecommunications by downloading Lob's free 2024 State of Direct Mail Report.

The 2024 State of Direct Mail report

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