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BlueChip Financial is a lending institution that provides assistance to underbanked communities

“It's a simple to use, but incredibly powerful tool. It just works!”

Tim Bess

Software Architect

BlueChip Financial is a lending institution that provides assistance to underbanked communities. BlueChip’s intelligent underwriting process enables them to confidently qualify individuals that would otherwise be turned down by traditional banks. This enables BlueChip to provide much needed financial assistance and emergency capital to communities overlooked by other institutions. 

BlueChip markets to potential clients through various channels including direct mail. Mailing directly to individuals requires BlueChip to source large lists of potential clients from third party providers. Unfortunately, many of the addresses that BlueChip sources contain various problems such as incorrect formatting, misspellings, and other issues which cause them to be undeliverable. If BlueChip sent mail to the original list of addresses they would see significant wasted costs due to return-to-sender mail pieces and injure their reputation with mailers. BlueChip needed a way to normalize, validate, and filter out any undeliverable addresses. 

Modern tooling and load capacity leads BlueChip to select Lob

A quick Google search by BlueChip’s software architect Tim Bess, turned up a number of address validation solutions. There were a few enterprise companies with seemingly good tools; however, the APIs did not meet the modern technical standards BlueChip builds to. Lob’s experience with direct mail paired with BlueChip’s technical and financial requirements made Lob the clear choice. 

Lob accurately parses and verifies BlueChip’s addresses

Today, BlueChip runs millions of leads through Lob to easily parse, standardize, and filter the addresses for deliverability. 

Since implementation, Bluechip has seen a 50% reduction in failed mailings and extensive data improvements by removing more than half of their undeliverable addresses This means a reduction in potential mail costs of over 50%! Additionally, BlueChip utilizes Lob’s deliverability metrics to optimize its data and lead sources by integrating multiple providers and discontinuing the lowest performers. 

Bess raves about the ease of use of Lob Address Verification, noting, "It's a simple to use, but incredibly powerful tool. It just works!"

Lob allows BlueChip to focus more resources on their mission 

By partnering with Lob, BlueChip is able to reduce wasted marketing costs and more efficiently direct its budget to reaching underserved communities. Implementing Lob was simple and straightforward and has freed up resources since launch. BlueChip is able to spend more time and energy optimizing their algorithms to provide more support to those in need. 

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