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We like Lob for its efficiency, it saves time, energy, and allows us to send a large volume of letters without the headaches of post office trips.

Atul Varma


JustFix.nyc is a nonprofit organization that helps tenants, housing organizers, and legal advocates fight displacement in New York City. By providing tenants with tools that make it easier for them to know and exercise their rights, JustFix.nyc helps individuals navigate the complex and inequitable world of housing.

Unfortunately, it's common for tenants to have a strained relationship with their landlords, especially when it comes to repair and maintenance requests for rent controlled apartments. In rent controlled units, landlords often defer  maintenance issues, a strategy used to drive out long-term tenants that have below market rent rates. Unfortunately, many tenants don’t know their rights or have access to legal representation, leaving them in difficult and sometimes unsafe living situations. JusFix.nyc makes it easier for tenants to understand their rights and uses an app to generate attorney-vetted physical notices to their landlords. 

Automated Direct Mail: Improving Communications & Workflows

At launch, JustFix.nyc handled all of their print and mail operations in-house, meaning that each letter was hand-mailed and required a trip to the local post office. As their network expanded, so did the friction that surrounded their print and mail process. JustFix.nyc knew they needed a technology that could ease the administrative burden of sending direct mail, and reduce the time it takes for notices to reach their audience.

JustFix.nyc uses Lob’s Print and Mail & Address Verification APIs to automate the tenant letters to their landlords. No batching, manual process, or post office visit required, Lob’s APIs programmatically create and send USPS Certified Mail. “We like Lob for its efficiency, it saves time, energy, and allows us to send a large volume of letters without the headaches of post office trips.” said Atul Varma, Engineer at JustFix.nyc. “Implementation was easy and we launched in less than a week.” JustFix.nyc also uses the Address Verification API to validate and verify the addresses of their landlords and buildings, to ensure everything they send arrives at the right place, at the right time— every time.

By implementing Lob’s Print and Mail & Address Verification APIs, JustFix.nyc was able to automate their direct mail workflows, while reducing costs by ensuring that they were only mailing to valid addresses. By freeing up significant operational hours JustFix.nyc is able to spend more time focusing on their mission to tackle displacement in New York City. 

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