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B-Stock Eliminates Manual Oversight with CASS Address Verification

“Lob has been great. It’s one of those services we don’t have to think or worry about, which speaks volumes to the quality of Lob’s APIs.”

Ark Rozycki

Senior Director Of Engineering at B-Stock

The rise of online purchasing has led to a dramatic increase in return rates, which creates a huge logistical and financial challenge for retailers. B-Stock simplifies this, by streamlining the process of selling liquidated goods. B-Stock has created an online marketplace that connects retailers and manufacturers to qualified business buyers. This allows companies to sell their returned or excess goods on an auction platform, which simplifies their workflows and reduces operating costs. For buyers and resellers, this means getting access and visibility to an extensive inventory on a single platform.

When it comes to delivering these items, there is no room for error, as most shipments contain high volumes of valuable goods. An undeliverable or incorrect address can add significant cost and man hours to manage the return and correct the delivery. To improve the reliability of its deliveries, B-Stock’s customer support team spent hours reviewing and correcting addresses that had been mistyped or missing components.

After recognizing that bad address data put an unnecessary burden on its support team, B-Stock researched solutions that would strengthen its buyers’ address data, without the need for extensive and costly manual review. B-Stock selected Lob after reviewing its documentation and recognizing how robust the APIs are. The B-Stock team was confident because Lob Address Verification API was CASS certified, which meant that address data would be pulled directly from USPS, and would be robust enough to scale with its operations. Better yet, implementing Lob into the B-Stock platform was easy, and didn’t require significant engineering resources.

CASS Certified Address Data Improves B-Stock’s Efficiency

With Lob Address Verification API live, when new buyers join the B-Stock marketplace, their addresses are verified as they enter in their address information. Additionally, B-Stock is able to leverage address metadata to ensure that each address is commercial; a key identifier on if there would be deliverability issues down the line. This new workflow ensures that address data entering B-Stock’s system is accurate, deliverable, and will not lead to wasted costs down the road.

Since implementing Lob, B-Stock has increased delivery rates and seen significant reduction in customer support hours spent correcting and verifying addresses. What was previously a costly problem is now solved seamlessly with minimal manual oversight; saving B-Stock time and money.

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