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Make the Mailbox Part of Your Customer Journey: Automate Triggered Direct Mail
Direct Mail
July 3, 2024

Make the Mailbox Part of Your Customer Journey: Automate Triggered Direct Mail

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In today's digitally saturated marketing world, direct mail packs a punch —  especially when targeted and timely. So why not combine digital marketing with direct mail for a TKO? 

Connecting your customer data to a direct mail automation platform creates seamless offline and online experiences that drive customer acquisition, retention, and higher LTV. Once connected, you can trigger and personalize direct mail pieces, just like you do in your digital channels. Automate to send based on specific actions, events, or conditions to deliver your message to the mailbox just in time to inspire action. 

Why you should use trigger direct mail

Trigger direct mail can streamline your direct mail operations, drive marketing revenue, and improve your bottom line. When integrated with your digital marketing, it can even boost the impact of your omnichannel outreach efforts. Here are a few compelling reasons to send automated direct mail in your overall customer outreach and marketing strategy.

Increase engagement

Trigger mail encourages users to take action and engage with your content at the right moment. From abandoned cart reminders to account updates, direct mail provides your audience with physical reminders — and end up stuck to the fridge rather than in the trash or buried in an inbox.

Save time

Automation makes your direct mail program more efficient and cost-effective, cutting down on time-consuming manual processes and reducing operational errors. Automation is critical at scale — and especially with transactional communications. And, of course, automating workflows will give you more time to focus on ground-breaking strategic initiatives rather than tedious tasks.

Stay relevant

The right message at the right time creates a cohesive and engaging customer journey across digital and physical channels. Because timing is everything, automating the direct mail process from trigger to delivery is key. Automation can ensure your mailpieces are sent immediately after the triggering event, making your message more impactful. 

Improve customer retention

Trigger direct mail can be essential for retaining your existing audience. Remind clients about subscription renewals or offer limited-time deals for their repeat purchases. If you have a loyalty program, triggered postcards can be a great way to encourage customers to use points or upgrade services.

Types triggered direct mail

Companies may choose to automate direct mail for marketing, transactional, or operational reasons. No matter what, triggered direct mail boosts the effectiveness of their omnichannel outreach. Here are some popular use cases.

Abandoned cart reminders 

When customers leave items in their online carts, send personalized postcards with QR codes and discounts to nudge them to complete the transaction. A postcard can reinforce abandoned cart emails and online ads, but unlike the most popular digital channels, a well-designed physical mailer is hard to overlook.

Post-purchase followup

After a purchase, send a thank-you note with a cross-sell offer to encourage another purchase. It’s a excellent way to reinforce brand recognition and create brand loyalty. Including a personalized offer is a great way to spur retention.

Winback and re-engagement campaigns

Reactivate dormant customers by triggering direct mail when they stop opening emails or engaging with online content. Direct mail can also be a great way to reach customers who have opted out of email marketing. When used strategically, and with a compelling offer, direct mail can inspire lapsed customers to return.

Operational updates

Just-in-time mail has plenty of uses beyond marketing and is often utlized for operational or transactional sends, including:

  • Automated billing and payment notices to help reduce late payments
  • Appointment reminders for service businesses to reduce no-shows
  • Getting ahead of renewals to reduce churn
  • Post-purchase survey requests to gather valuable insights

How to add triggered direct mail to your digital strategy

Lob offers a variety of integrations to help you automate your direct mail strategy. Our turnkey and API integrations make it easy to tap into your existing tools and incorporate direct mail into your digital campaigns. 

You can connect Lob with your favorite CRM, CDP, or marketing automation platform, ensuring your mailpieces are triggered by the latest information in your customer data. A change in your database can fire off a customized mailpiece, tailored to your offering and audience. Choose from a variety of mail formats and automatically hyper-personalize them based on the recipient’s data.

Personalized, timely direct mail can drive engagement, enhance customer loyalty, and boost conversions. Creating seamless offline and online experiences can give you a serious competitive advantage.

If you want to learn more about how triggered direct mail can enhance your customer outreach, contact us today

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