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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Holiday Mail
Direct Mail
May 14, 2024

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Holiday Mail

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Stephanie Donelson

Each month we feature some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that inspire our own direct mail marketing efforts, and we hope they inspire yours as well. 

Today, we’re highlighting three brands that are sending amazing direct mail marketing campaigns that will make you wish it was the holiday season right now. 

We know, it’s only May and many of us are looking forward to summer vacations instead of the wintry season, but right now is an ideal time to get some inspiration for your holiday marketing campaigns and get ahead of the game.

Let’s see what elements are working for these holiday marketing campaigns.

A letter-based direct mail campaign from ASPCA


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an animal welfare nonprofit, is using a letter as part of its fundraising efforts. Let’s see what elements are working in this direct mail campaign:

  • Imagery: ASPCA knows exactly what it’s doing by using irresistible puppy dog eyes. You can’t look away from that cutie! And you get to see the progression of Sonny waiting to be adopted to now having a loving home for the holidays. 
  • Format: The use of a letter is a natural fit for a nonprofit organization as it feels more personal and has plenty of space for the message the nonprofit wants to get across. 
  • CTA: The call to action is a soft sell in that it asks the question of “Can you help?” And then within the copy it emphasizes that yes, you can help!
  • Design: The use of underlined, bolded, and italicized content makes it easy to scan and get the key points.
  • Social proof: ASPCA makes it easy for recipients to follow the organization on social media and see how their donations help, or at least keep the organization top of mind for when they have the means to support it. 
  • Sustainability: Lastly, we see a nice call-out that the mailer was made from recycled paper and ASPCA is doing its part to be sustainable with its marketing. 
A self-mailer from Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union is using a self-mailer as part of its holiday mail campaign.  Let’s see what’s working in this great direct mail marketing campaign focused on customer acquisition: 

  • The CTA: The exterior of the mailer has some intriguing copy in that it’s telling recipients to look inside for exclusive offers. After the recipient has looked inside the mailer, they have a variety of ways to take action. They can scan a QR code, visit a specific URL, call a toll-free number, or visit a local branch. 
  • Imagery: The use of the chart and the icons are a great way to draw recipients’ eyes and get their attention. The simple rule for financial fitness is a nice little educational bonus in this mailer and isn’t salesy. It’s informative and demonstrates how Navy Federal wants to help its members reach their financial goals. The mailer also features a variety of image styles, from photography to iconography.
  • Design: The mailer also likes to group things in three for easy scanning. There are three listed benefits, three recommended products, and three key points in the information about financial fitness. The mailer also features bolded text to call attention to specific pieces of information, like how long the credit union has been in business to instill trust, how it offers great rates and returns, and how easy it is to contact the credit union. The design also has plenty of white space to allow the text and images to breathe. 
  • Branding: The self-mailer is easily recognizable to members of the credit union as the mailer features gold and blue hues and accents. 

A self-mailer from Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle 

Yankee Candle is also using a self-mailer for its holiday mail! Let’s take a closer look at what’s working for this direct mail campaign:

  • Physical component: You don’t have to go to the mall to smell this candle, the brand lets you smell it on the mailer! 
  • Copy: The copy is fun and festive: There’s no place like gnome for the holidays. 
  • Imagery: The imagery feels festive with the festive holiday bulb lights (that weave their way through the entire design), green and red products, candy canes, and cute holiday-themed gnomes on everything. 
  • QR code:  Recipients can start shopping immediately by scanning the QR code and can pick up their purchases at their leisure. 

Give yourself the gift of time for your holiday marketing

Get ahead of holiday marketing campaign planning by reading up on best practices now so you’re ready to rock and roll when the holidays come around. Download your copy of the eBook: A Data-Driven Guide to Holiday Direct Mail Success.

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