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Direct mail marketing glossary

Stay current with the latest direct mail marketing terms.

Mailing List

A Mailing List is a curated compilation of contact information, typically email addresses or physical addresses, belonging to individuals or entities interested in receiving communications from a business or organization. In the context of direct mail marketing automation, a Mailing List serves as the foundation for targeted and personalized outreach. It enables businesses to strategically send physical mail to specific demographics, ensuring that promotional materials reach the most relevant audience.

For instance, a direct mail marketing automation platform allows businesses to segment their Mailing Lists based on various criteria such as geographical location, purchasing behavior, or demographic details. This targeted approach ensures that a promotional postcard advertising a local event reaches recipients within a specific radius, while a catalog featuring high-end products is sent to customers who have previously shown an interest in premium offerings. Utilizing Mailing Lists in this manner enhances the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.