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Direct mail marketing glossary

Stay current with the latest direct mail marketing terms.

Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery is a service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) designed to enhance the traditional mail experience by providing recipients with advanced visibility into their incoming postal deliveries. This service seamlessly combines the physical and digital aspects of mail communication by furnishing recipients with a preview of the mail items they can expect to receive, all conveniently delivered to their email inbox.

The process involves the generation of digital images of the exterior of letter-sized mailpieces, which are then sent to the recipient's email address. These grayscale images visually represent the physical mail items that will soon arrive at the recipient's residential or business address. In addition to the visual preview, Informed Delivery may include tracking information and details about packages, allowing recipients to anticipate deliveries and manage their mail more efficiently.

This innovative service offers a sneak peek into the contents of one's mailbox and provides an added layer of security and convenience. Recipients can stay informed about their incoming mail even when they are away from home, enabling them to plan ahead or take prompt action upon receiving important items. Informed Delivery thus transforms the traditional act of checking the mailbox into a more streamlined and digitized experience, aligning with the evolving expectations of recipients in an increasingly connected and technology-driven world.