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Top 22 Lob Marketing Blogs of 2022
Direct Mail
December 29, 2022

Top 22 Lob Marketing Blogs of 2022

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Stephanie Donelson

It does not seem possible that the start of 2023 is literally days away. While we’re ready to embrace a new year and with it new marketing campaigns, product and feature launches, and another year of creating excellent content, we do want to take a moment and look back on 2022.

Specifically we want to look back on some of our most popular direct mail marketing blog posts of the year!

We noticed a few key themes and trends among the popular pieces, including interest in topics such as:

  • The best direct mail campaigns
  • Direct mail templates
  • Sustainability in direct mail
  • Changes happening at the USPS
  • Direct mail tracking and marketing attribution
  • And the ROI of direct mail marketing

We’ll continue to discuss these topics as we move into 2023, but if you want to catch up on these 2022 trends before we say goodbye to the year, check out our top blog posts listed below!

2022’s most popular direct mail marketing blogs

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To the Letter: Best Letter-Based Direct Mail Campaigns

Marketers were on the hunt for some inspiration this year by checking out our post on the best letter-based direct mail campaigns in our collection. Letters are one of our favorite direct mail formats and can perform very well for a variety of campaigns - not simply just operational mail. Continue reading

Best Holiday Direct Mail Campaigns

The second most popular blog was also themed around the idea of getting inspired by the best direct mail campaigns, but this time a little holiday flair was added to the mix! See how three brands sent effective holiday direct mail campaigns that spread some holiday cheer and drive conversions by taking a closer look at the elements that make these mailpieces top performers. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022

For years we’ve heard about the financial struggles at the post office, but do we understand why the USPS is struggling? There are many underlying challenges facing the USPS and this legislation begins to address some of these issues and takes one of the biggest points they face head-on. Learn more about the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022. Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes of Sustainability at Lob

Our platform is where technology meets paper. While our direct mail automation platform and address verification services reduce mail waste, we also have to take careful consideration of where our business meets the environment and do our part in preserving it.

Sustainability has been a priority for Lob since the beginning when we made the eco-conscious choice to only use FSC-certified paper that was made up of at least 10% post-consumer waste. We also plant two trees for every one used in the production of mailpieces through our sustainability partner, Eden Reforestation Projects. And, this popular blog post on direct mail sustainability shows our journey to launching 100% carbon neutral mail. Continue reading

22 Direct Mail Trends for 2022

Check out our predictions for direct mail trends this past year, from optimizing transactional and marketing direct mail tactics to integrating automated workflows with other marketing systems to break open data silos to improve analytics. Marketers and brands had to continue to adapt to changing consumer demands and economic instability due to the pandemic, and 2022 was a year that marketers adopted technology to reach consumers at home. Read more

How to Seamlessly Add Direct Mail to Your Marketing Mix

Many marketers hesitate to stray from tactics they've seen success with, even if there's a chance that they'll see dramatic improvements in results. Direct mail is a tactic that, when used well, can help you see as much as a 200% ROI and dramatically improve conversion rates.

When your marketing program is already well established, how do you introduce a new tactic like direct mail to the mix without jarring your prospects, existing customers, and key decision-makers in your own company? Read this popular blog post from 2022 to discover our top tips to make the transition seamless—and maximize the results in the process. Continue reading

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An Interview with Paul Bobnak on Modern Direct Mail Best Practices

We sat down with Paul Bobnak from Who's Mailing What! to talk all things direct mail and how marketers are incorporating this high-performing channel into a variety of use cases and marketing campaigns. Read on to get a quick take from Paul’s point of view on modern direct mail best practices, including what types of campaigns pair well with the channel, how to go about buying contact lists, and personalization in this space. Read more

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Financial Institutions and Insurance

As marketers, we love seeing what our peers are doing and how they're creating successful marketing campaigns and those in the financial services and insurance industries are no different! This blog post featuring best direct mail campaigns from those industries was a top-performer this year as marketers sought inspiration for their next campaign. Continue reading

How to Track Direct Mail Using QR Codes

Using QR codes in your direct mailpieces provides you the ability to not only track the results of the piece but to create an experience for the recipient. Utilizing QR codes correctly can:

  • Produce a higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Increase customer retention
  • Identify and capture new customers
  • Increase customer LTV (Life Time Value)

Learn how marketing teams in a variety of industries are adding QR codes to their direct mail campaigns to better track results. Continue reading

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7 Scary-Good Direct Mail Marketing Stats

The spookiest time of the year is upon us! To help you get in the Halloween spirit, let's share with you some of the most shocking, revealing, and terrifying truths in the whole wide world...

That's right, direct mail marketing stats. Get ready to be shaken to your very core at these figures that show the insidious power of direct mail marketing! Read more

10 B2C Marketing Automation Tools to Try in 2022

Automation platforms don’t just save you time. Many will track and centralize customer data across multiple channels, giving you deeper insights as you optimize your company’s marketing strategy. Check out this list of 10 B2C marketing automation tools that were changing the game for marketing teams in 2022. Continue reading

Sustainability Best Practices for Direct Mail Marketing

Sustainability in direct mail was a trending topic in 2022! Direct mail marketing has many advantages, even in today's hyper-digitized world. It's an incredibly effective channel for lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention. But in recent years, direct mail has come under scrutiny for its potential to be wasteful. Thankfully, there's plenty you can do to make your direct mail marketing more environmentally responsible. Learn how with our sustainability best practices. Continue reading

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3 Steps to Creating Your 2023 Direct Mail Strategy

With 2023 just around the corner, many marketing teams are planning their marketing strategies for the new year and identifying what channels are must-haves, which ones must go, and which ones can be tried and tested. Learn how to create a winning direct mail marketing strategy for 2023 in this popular blog post. Read more

Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing: The Battle of the Boxes

Direct mail marketing and email marketing are key tactics for modern marketers to be successful. But many marketers are pitting these tactics against each other and choosing one or the other. Even though research shows that direct mail has a 13x higher response rate than email on its own but is even more powerful when combined with email, showing response rates of 27%. See who wins this battle of marketing mail: Read more

Modern Marketer’s Direct Mail Series

Marketers checking out our blog love to be on top of the latest trends and technology, so it's no surprise our modern marketer's best practices series was a big hit this year! With this roadmap to direct mail marketing success, marketers could learn how to better integrate this channel into their strategy to drive better results. Continue reading

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How to Track Direct Mail Using Tracking Links

You know direct mail is an important component of your omnichannel marketing strategy, but maybe you don’t realize just how nimble and precise this offline communication channel can be - and how easy it can be to track and measure! Learn how to use tracking links to get more granular with your analytics data and optimize future campaigns. Read more

5 Personalized Direct Mail Examples to Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns

A late 2021 McKinsey study found that 76% of customers get “frustrated” when companies fail to deliver personalized interactions. Businesses that excel at personalization, the same study finds, generate 40% more revenue than competitors who don’t personalize as customers expect. If you’re wondering how to tailor these elements, we’ve got your back. Check out these five examples of personalized direct mail marketing to see how brands are customizing it for their target audience. Continue reading

ROI of Direct Mail Increasing, Even with USPS Postage Rate Increase

The USPS raised postage rates in July 2022, but even with a slight increase marketers were finding that spending budget on direct mail is worth the investment. In fact, our 2022 State of Direct Mail reported that 67% of marketers say direct mail delivers the highest ROI of any channel they use. Continue reading

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The Best Metrics to Measure Direct Mail Effectiveness

Measuring the impact of direct mail is an important part of building your direct mail strategy. Many marketers use direct mail as part of an omnichannel marketing mix. Digital channels provide clear metrics to measure impressions, opens, conversions, and return on investment. In comparison, direct mail can be perceived as hard to measure. But that's not true! Learn how to measure your direct mail campaigns with metrics such as, response rate, revenue generated per mailpiece, and ROI. Read more

How to Use Direct Mail to Increase Your ROI

Businesses thrive when they retain existing customers and convert new leads into customers. It’s nearly impossible to find success until you can achieve both of those goals. That helps explain why North American companies spend more than $350 billion on marketing. Every business wants to get more in return for their marketing dollars. The data shows you can increase ROI with direct mail, especially when you take a personalized, automated approach. Read more

6 Strategies for A/B Testing Your Direct Mail

A/B testing your direct mail marketing works pretty much the same as it does for digital marketing. Your direct mailpieces will be designed identically except for a single element. The element that you vary might be the format, size, call-to-action (CTA), images, or the way consumers access a promotion. Here are 6 actionable A/B tests for your direct mail that you can try today: Continue reading

How to Create a Direct Mail Campaign in Under an Hour

In the "olden days," creating a direct mail campaign would take weeks, if not months. But then everything changed. Direct mail automation opened up the possibilities of direct mail marketing, offering a scalable, personalized, connected, and measurable channel that drives conversion rates to help achieve a higher ROI. Learn how to modernize the process and create direct mail campaigns in no time. Read more

From all of us at Lob, we wish you a Happy New Year!

Add direct mail to your marketing strategy in 2023

If 2023 is the year you're thinking of automating and optimizing direct mail in your marketing strategy, then be sure to reach out to our direct mail experts for a personalized Lob demo!

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