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Direct Mail
November 10, 2022

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Financial Institutions and Insurance

Stephanie Donelson

Holiday shopping is upon us, and though many of us will be out spending money this month and the next, most of us are also very invested in who helps take care of our money and protect our other investments and ourselves. This month, we’re examining some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that come from financial services and insurance companies. 

Last month we took a closer holiday direct mail campaigns to identify why those campaigns are high performers based on a variety of factors, such as copy, CTAs, and design. Let’s see what elements these brands were banking on when creating their great piece of direct mail. 

Borrow and save ideas from these top direct mail campaigns

When it comes to direct mail marketing in these industries, there are a wealth of ideas on how to use this channel effectively. But sometimes it’s easier just to see those ideas in action and understand why those elements work. 

Let’s examine three brands across financial services and insurance that are sending effective direct mail campaigns.


This self-mailer from Chase is targeted toward customers that have children who might be interested in getting those children set up with a bank account. The elements making this mailer work include:

  • Design and branding: Customers immediately can see this is from Chase with its signature blue and white color scheme. The mailer is simple to follow due to its block-like structure of images and text. The mailer uses a web design best practice of using the Z-shape pattern so people’s eyes follow the design from left to right and then down to the next section.
  • CTA: The CTA is simple: Get started. Chase offers two easy ways to set up the account, either online or scanning a QR code. The CTA is repeated in the mailer too, making it easy for the customer to take action as they read. 
  • Copy: The copy features benefits that both the parents and the kids will enjoy so while the parents will be the ones acting on this mailer, the kids also have their own messages about why they would want this. The messaging also reminds the parents that this is an exclusive offering to current Chase customers. 
  • Testimonials: Several customer testimonials are included in the mailpiece that come from both parents and kids. 

Haven Life Insurance

This customer acquisition mailer from Haven Life Insurance pulls together a few marketing best practices to create this mailpiece that’s earned its inclusion in our best direct mail campaigns collection. Let’s take a closer look at what’s working:

  • CTA: The CTA on this mailpiece is fantastic as it ties in all the customer testimonials featured on the postcard but also inspires action by telling the recipient to see what all the fuss is about. It’s a clever way to pique the recipient’s interest without committing the recipient to having to talk to sales right away. It keeps the recipient in charge of their own journey. Plus, the ability to apply online and on their own time is a big win for many prospects. 
  • Copy: Haven Life Insurance uses these specific testimonials to let its customers share its key marketing messages. Such as, that it’s easy to work with the company and the brand is supportive, the process will be stress-free,  and that the plans are affordable. The colorful blocks catch the recipient’s attention but the block design also makes it easy for anyone to scan the text. 
  • Branding: The marketing team may have let their customers’ testimonials do the talking but the designers definitely kept control of the design and used their brand’s colors to provide a seamless experience from reading the URL on the postcard to landing on the website. 
A mailer from Lendmark Financial Services

Lendmark Financial Services Inc.

This marketing mailer from Lendmark Financial Services is straightforward and gets right to the point, but it still has elements that are pulling their weight in making this a great direct mailpiece beyond just driving the expected action. 

  • Copy: The tone in this mailer is very engaging and welcoming, especially with lines like, “Visit your friendly neighborhood loan experts.” Lendmark is reinforcing the idea that they’re local and want to serve their community. They may not be slinging webs like the friendly neighborhood Spiderman, they are slinging deals on new loans.
  • Design: The design of this mailer looks like a ticket and it should make customers want to hold onto it and give it back when they come in to claim their special offer and free gift. The colors are bright, fun, and reminiscent of summer fairs. Another note on the design is how the text flows. Lendmark made it easy for customers to read the message in the right order by starting with big, bold, text that pulls the reader’s eye down the rest of the mailer. 
  • Offer: The offer on this mailer is a double-hitter as the recipient can enjoy a delayed payment schedule on their loan and get a free giveaway item from Lendmark. 

Direct mail is a timeless channel for customer communication and customer acquisition in the financial services industry as well as for insurance companies. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be modernized to keep up with newer marketing messaging and new technology that can automate the direct mail process.

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When it comes to creating a great direct mail campaign, you don’t have to start from scratch. Explore our best direct mail collection to find ideas of what you can incorporate into your next mailpiece or what elements you should be testing to further optimize your own marketing campaigns.