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Modern Marketer's Direct Mail Series
March 29, 2022

Modern Marketer's Direct Mail Series

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Samantha Braverman

As marketers, we have to constantly evolve our tactics and strategies to stay one step ahead of the changing world around us. From increased competition to privacy rules and regulations that impact our ability to track consumer behavior to paper shortages and USPS price increases, the challenges are many. However, as marketers, we are smart, resilient, and are constantly learning.

The 2022 State of Direct Mail proved that 67% of marketers say that direct mail delivers the most ROI of any channel they use. Imagine if you could level up your legacy direct mail workflows and processes to make them wildly efficient. What if you could trigger direct mailpieces based on customer actions and make direct mail part of your omnichannel marketing strategy? What if you could personalize direct mail in the same way you do your email marketing campaign with consumer data from your CRM? And what if, you could test and experiment with direct mail in the same way you do your other digital marketing channels and get robust analytics to be able to properly attribute the results?

With automated direct mail these possibilities are all a reality and Lob is here to help you navigate the journey.

In this Modern Marketer’s Guide series you’ll get a road map to omnichannel marketing, personalization, and testing and analytics to help you increase ROI and customer lifetime value. The series includes in-depth guides and interactive webinars with industry experts.

Get a roadmap to direct mail marketing success

If you are looking to enter the direct mail channel or expand your existing program, we have a three-part how-to webinar series that breaks down the fundamentals of direct mail marketing and offers quick-to-adapt best practices for your marketing strategy.

Learn how to crush your acquisition, retention, and ROI goals by creating a consistent customer journey across all touchpoints.

Join one or all of the webinars to learn how to:

  • Integrate Direct Mail into Your Omnichannel Campaigns | 4/27 at 11 am PT
  • Retain Customers and Boost Revenue with Personalized Direct Mail | 5/11 at 11 am PT
  • Use Real-Time Analytics to Improve the ROI of Your Direct Mail Channel | 5/25 at 11 am PT

When you register for and join the webinar, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Marketer’s Guidebook series which covers everything from omnichannel marketing to personalization and analytics.

Save your spot and get ready to level up your direct mail marketing.

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