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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Health and Wellness Brands
Direct Mail
May 9, 2023

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Health and Wellness Brands

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Stephanie Donelson

Each month we feature some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that inspire our own direct mail marketing efforts, and we hope they inspire yours as well.

Today, we want to highlight three health and wellness brands that are sending inspiration-worthy campaigns and discuss what elements are working well for these brands in case you want to adopt some of those elements in your next direct mail campaign.

Calm postcard
Calm postcard
Postcard from Calm


This postcard from the meditation, relaxation, and sleep app Calm matches its brand name by evoking calm feelings in its direct mail marketing campaigns. Let’s see what other features work in Calm’s favor in this campaign:

  • Imagery: The image of the woman relaxing tells you exactly how you’ll feel when using the Calm app and actively shows what the app looks like as well.
  • Offer: The offer of 60% is pretty irresistible, and Calm leans into the idea of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by letting recipients know that this offer only comes around once a year. So they should act now to get a lifetime subscription (tying back into the front copy about sleeping better forever), or they’ll end up waiting another year.
  • Clear pricing: To go along with the great offer, Calm is upfront about its pricing so recipients can quickly make a decision to act on the offer if it’s within their budget.
  • Social proof: Lastly, Calm features a star rating and customer testimonial. The only thing Calm could have done to improve this element would be to show where the review came from and some sort of name or username.
Cerebral mailer
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Health and Wellness Brands  image 2
A direct mailpiece from Cerebral


Teletherapy and medication management company Cerebral used direct mail as part of its customer acquisition strategy. Let’s take a closer look at its campaign:

  • Offer: No matter what panel (on one side) of this mailer you look at, you know what Cerebral is offering: 50% off your first month. It’s repeated on every page, so no matter where recipients look, they see it, and it by following the rule of three, recipients are more likely to remember it.
  • Social proof: The customer quote featured on the piece provides social proof and works well when paired with an image of someone using the app. They’re smiling because the app is easy to use and whomever they’re interacting with is helpful and kind. On the other side of the mailer, Cerebral continues its social proof by showing trusted media publications that have featured the brand.
  • FOMO: Like Calm invoked FOMO by telling recipients this was the best offer of the year, Cerebral is also jumping on the FOMO bandwagon by using words like “for a limited time,” or “don’t wait,” or “it’s time.”
  • Messaging: Not only did Cerebral lean into FOMO by telling recipients that it’s time to start feeling like you again, but the brand also shows how easy it is to do that. Cerebral has three easy steps, and it’s all wrapped up in an innovative, all-in-one platform. It also has three plan options.
Peloton mailer
Peloton mailer
A postcard from Peloton


Peloton sent this direct mail campaign out over a famous shopping spree time period: Black Friday. Consumers expect deals and savings over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and Peloton delivered. Let’s take a closer look at what other elements are working out for Peloton’s mailer:

  • Images: This postcard features images of people actively using Peloton’s products, making it easy for recipients to see themselves using Peloton’s exercise equipment or understand how much room the equipment will take up in their homes.
  • Offer: Like the example from Calm, Peloton is also letting recipients know that this is the best offer of the season - so they shouldn’t wait to take action! Plus, Peloton features three ways for consumers to act. They can call, they can visit the website, or they can scan the QR code if they just can’t wait to start shopping.
  • Color scheme: Peloton is sticking to its branding colors and only uses three colors on this mailer: black, white, and red. It brands the mailer and makes it feel cohesive while also allowing the text to pop.
  • Copy: Peloton leans into holiday-based messaging with copy like, “The gift that keeps on giving,” and “Get in on this by Cyber Monday and unwrap your best you for the holidays.”

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