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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Nonprofit Organizations
Direct Mail
December 6, 2022

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Nonprofit Organizations

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Stephanie Donelson

It’s the holiday season, and many of us are in a giving mood and many organizations are thankful for that, especially nonprofits. Today, we’re examining some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that come from nonprofit organizations and identifying what elements are really working for those direct mail campaigns, such as copy, design, images, CTAs, and more.

Mission-minded organizations, results-driven direct mail campaigns

When it comes to direct mail marketing for nonprofit organizations, every result matters to ensure budget can be allocated to mission-critical work. Nonprofits have to be especially strategic and results-oriented when creating marketing campaigns to maximize ROI. Fortunately, direct mail is an optimal channel for these organizations as it’s personal, tangible, and literally hits home with target audiences.

Let’s examine three nonprofit organizations that are sending effective direct mail campaigns and take a closer look at the elements that are driving results.

A postcard from Girl Scouts
A mailer from Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts

This postcard from Girl Scouts is targeted toward girls who aren’t active members in the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. The elements making this mailer work include:

  • Copy: The copy of this postcard is written for its target audience. The short sentences and action-focused wording is geared toward young audiences and inspires them to take action on finding their lifetime of fun. The repetition of the idea of “Be a Girl Scout” is used well to reinforce the simple call-to-action.
  • Use of a QR code: The QR code on this mailer works as the recipient will show the postcard to a parent or guardian so they can scan the mailer together and learn more about the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. The younger audience will know what to do with the QR code and there’s the backup text-based version of the website as well.
  • Design: The design is simple and not overwhelming. It’s easy for the intended audience to read through the mailer quickly and understand what the next step is.
Mailer from OSF HealthCare
Mailer from OSF HealthCare
Mailer from OSF Healthcare

OSF Healthcare

This customer acquisition mailer from OSF Healthcare has a few impactful elements working for it. Let’s take a closer look:

  • CTA: The CTA is simple but effective: Find expert healthcare near your home. The message is localized and evokes a sense of community. It’s not just another healthcare facility, it’s one that’s already a part of your neighborhood.
  • Targeting: The targeting on this mailer is quite effective as it’s sent to those that have recently moved into a new home and may be looking for services that are closer to their new residence. OSF Healthcare is welcoming them to their neighborhood and helping them find the healthcare they need without straying too far from home.
  • Copy: The copy focuses on the ease of use with online scheduling and the variety of services available for every member of the family, no matter what stage of life they’re in.
  • Imagery: The image on one side of the postcard actually has nothing to do with healthcare! That image is focused on a family that’s busy with their move to their new home. The imagery plays on the copy in the piece talking about how easy it is to use OSF Healthcare even when your life is busy, such as when you’re moving to a new home.
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Nonprofit Organizations image 2
A fundraising letter from the San Diego Food Bank

San Diego Food Bank

This letter from the San Diego Food Bank is part of a fundraising campaign, something every nonprofit employee is familiar with. Let’s see why this letter campaign is driving results.

  • Messaging: The use of “you” in the letter makes it feel more personal and brings the recipient right into the campaign. They can make a difference right now and they can be generous, they can be compassionate, and they can help their neighbors who aren’t as fortunate. The messaging also explains the impact the food bank has and just how many people it has helped over the last year.
  • Design: The layout of this letter is scannable and with a mix of bold and underlined text, it draws the reader’s eye to the key messages, specifically how much impact just $1 can have for the food bank and those that rely on it. The letter is also one page, making it very easy to read through.

Direct mail can have a direct impact on the success of marketing campaigns for nonprofits all without spending too much on the budget or requiring a ton of time or resources. By automating direct mail campaigns nonprofits can benefit from this powerful marketing channel.

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