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January 25, 2022

How Nonprofits Can Use Direct Mail From Lob

Calah Vargas

We continue to be in awe of all the incredible work that nonprofits and social impact organizations do in their communities, like connecting constituents to their elected officials and empowering veterans and their families. We know to continue this work, many rely on growing and nurturing their donor base. Direct mail can play a key part in not only donor management, but the opportunities are endless for how these organizations can either introduce or expand on their direct mail strategy. 

Using Lob for nonprofits

Lob helps nonprofits and social impact organizations free up time for more mission-driven work. 

We provide an automated and eco-conscious direct mail solution, and we’re proud to donate and discount our product for nonprofits through our social impact arm, Lob.org. If you’re using Salesforce as your CRM, you can also leverage our native Salesforce integration, Veezla | Print & Mail.

Discover more about how Muckrock uses Lob for good here.

Lob’s direct mail form factors for nonprofits


  • Donor acknowledgment - get started with this handy template
  • Donor retention
  • Storytelling
  • Donor membership cards with the card affix feature
  • Newsletters
  • Impact statement 
  • Return envelopes for donations - get started using this template.


  • Donor acknowledgment - get started here.  
  • Donor retention
  • Redirection to an online giving campaign with a QR code
  • Event invitations using a QR code to track RSVPs


Self mailers

  • Donor acknowledgment
  • Donor retention
  • Redirection to an online giving campaign with a QR code
  • Event invitations using a QR code to track RSVPs
  • Impact Statement 

Wrap up

We also know that you have sustainability targets to meet, and we’re here to help. Lob is committed to 100% carbon neutral mailings by June 2022. We want to make it easy to report on the environmental impact of the campaigns you run. From letters to postcards, checks and other form factors, Lob has your nonprofit covered.

Join 10,000+ brands, nonprofits, and social impact organizations that use Lob for good.

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