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Marketing with Intelligent Direct Mail Just Got Easier
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May 25, 2022

Marketing with Intelligent Direct Mail Just Got Easier

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Aya Maeda

We’ve taken a huge step to help you level up your direct mail by evolving our offering to match how you use data to fuel and execute your direct mail marketing campaigns. We're excited to announce our newly-launching product that will revolutionize direct mail for marketers.

Our intuitive dashboard leverages our API technology and sophisticated mail routing algorithms to our expansive network of Lob-certified commercial printers to support campaigns on-demand and at scale, with ease-of-use, and dynamic 1-1 personalization that you can’t find anywhere else.

This is Lob for Marketers and you’re going to love it.

Meet the intelligent direct mail solution developed specifically for marketers

Lob’s new direct mail workflow enables you to effortlessly connect, personalize, send to print, deliver, and measure your campaigns without the manual process and myriad of other teams and developers. You can easily create on-brand, personalized, trackable direct mail campaigns at-scale, in days instead of months. CPH & Associates was able to reduce lead time on their campaigns by 98%, from two weeks to less than an hour, and a telecomm customer shaved eight weeks off their previous process for launching direct mail campaigns by using Lob.

Now it’s just as easy to create and send a direct mail campaign as it is an email.

Key benefits of Lob’s new direct mail workflow include:

  • Own your campaign calendar: Schedule your direct mail to deliver on a specific date, trigger it via an event like an online conversion or email open, or send a last-minute mailpiece to capitalize on a successful digital campaign
  • Target the right audience: Export your customer data, upload a CSV, and map the customer attributes with merge variables to personalize each mailpiece to the individual level
  • Creative control: Upload your creative files that you design in Figma, InDesign, and other creative tools in just minutes
  • Track and measure: Review campaign delivery metrics to easily track mail as it progresses to its destination and measure performance
  • Increase efficiency: Let Lob’s distributed infrastructure handle all the creative quality control, printing, and delivery to speed up your time to market with increased efficiency and scalability
  • Team sharing: Collaborate across teams to get even more value from your direct mail efforts

Over 10,000 businesses trust Lob to automate the direct mail process from concept to print and delivery. Now you can too, with our new platform for marketers. Plus, we can help you achieve sustainability goals as we proudly source sustainable paper and invest in reforestation with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Intelligent direct mail campaigns deliver ROI

You know direct mail marketing works. In fact, 67% of marketers agree that direct mail shows the best ROI of all the channels their company uses.

“Using Lob’s automated direct mail capabilities, we’ve increased productivity and saved marketing dollars. In just one quarter, we’ve seen a higher conversion rate and a lower cost per reactivation with each campaign sent–this is a huge contribution as it’s already a fifth of all paid reactivations. We’re also able to increase campaign ROI by testing, optimizing, and personalizing our retargeting mailers, while ensuring our direct mail campaigns are in sync with other related marketing initiatives, like email sends,” says Malin Dettmann-Levin, CRM lead at Marley Spoon.

Learn more about Marley Spoon’s direct mail recipe for success.

There’s never been a better time to make the connection between your brand and customers more direct. Are you ready to drive more marketing ROI with an intelligent direct mail platform? Let our experts show you how.

Schedule a demo and discover the future of direct mail.

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