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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: QR Codes
Direct Mail
March 14, 2023

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: QR Codes

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Stephanie Donelson

QR codes have had an interesting life. They were all the rage, then they went dormant, and then they made a comeback during the pandemic when businesses needed an easier way for people to access information without sharing it on printed materials. QR codes are here to stay.

In fact, our own 2023 State of Direct Mail report shows that nearly half of marketers use QR codes to measure conversion rates!

And with good reason, they work well across a variety of mediums. Whether taped down on a table at a restaurant or featured on a direct mail campaign, QR codes, especially dynamic ones with individual tracking, are beneficial for both the customer and the business.

Today we want to take a closer look at some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that feature QR codes and examine what other elements are working for those mailers.

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Beyond Yoga direct mail campaign

Beyond Yoga

This self-mailer from the body positivity brand Beyond Yoga is an excellent example of a direct mail acquisition campaign, plus it uses a QR code quite well.

  • QR code: The QR code is effective in that it’s not obtrusive to the rest of the design and placed next to the main CTA of the self-mailer. It also has the little call-out box underneath it in case a recipient doesn’t know what to do with the code.
  • Imagery: The imagery is eye-catching and features a diverse group of women to demonstrate the range of sizes available with the brand. It’s implied the women are staying active out in nature and cozy while doing so. Also, the women are all smiling and happy with their clothing choices from the brand, reinforcing the idea that customers will be just as happy with their purchases.
  • Colors: The muted, natural colors work with the imagery and almost have an autumn-like feeling to them. This is an interesting choice as the brand’s signature color is a bold pink which is not featured on the mailer.
  • Repetition: The CTA (get 20% off your first order) is featured on the front of the mailer and inside to reinforce what the recipient gets out of this campaign.
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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: QR Codes  image 5
brooklinen direct mail campaign


This piece of direct mail from brooklinen is as well stitched together as the sheets it's promoting. There are many elements on this customer retention or winback campaign that are working in its favor.

  • QR code: Like Beyond Yoga, the QR code is definitely visible but does not interfere with the overall design of the mailer. The wording above the QR code is also great as it sounds so easy to get that discount: it’s just one scan away!
  • Offer: The offer is extremely straightforward with a simple 15% off the next purchase of $100 or more.
  • Custom code: The marketing team at brooklinen is making tracking the effectiveness of this mailer easier on their side by using trackable coupon codes.
  • Copy: The copy on this direct mail campaign is short and sweet and fun. “Miss you. Mean it.” Then on the back, “Get 15% off essentials for your dreamiest space with code [redacted].” They play on the dreamiest portion of that by showing off sheets and bedding.
  • The design: Lastly, this design is simple and extremely easy to process. The offer stands out among the imagery but the imagery is still inviting and draws the recipients’ eyes to the most important elements.
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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: QR Codes  image 7
Imperfect Foods direct mail campaign

Imperfect Foods

This customer acquisition postcard from Imperfect Foods has many elements working for it. Let’s take a closer look:

  • QR code: The QR code is strategically placed next to the CTA of getting $25 off the first four orders. The little curlicue is a nice touch that draws attention to the code as it’s literally pointing to the code.
  • Colors: The colors on this postcard match Imperfect Foods’s brand colors and brings a bright pop of color to the campaign.
  • Copy: The copy on this piece of direct mail is clever, such as Imperfect Foods having “the ingredients” for a better 2023. The postcard also uses its space to explain how the services work instead of sending recipients to the website. They’ll have the information they need to take action on the offer.
  • Custom code: Again, the marketers at Imperfect Foods are making tracking this campaign’s performance easier with custom redemption codes.

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