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How to Prepare Your Direct Mail Strategy for 2024

December 7, 2023
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How to Prepare Your Direct Mail Strategy for 2024

Direct mail is a timeless marketing channel but the times are changing and we’ve got our eye on some trends we’re expecting to see in 2024. 

We sat down with our Senior Director, Direct Mail Expert in Residence, Summer Hahnlen, and our Senior Director, Business Development, Tyler Dornenburg, to discuss four key trends in direct mail marketing that everyone should know about as we welcome a new year - and new marketing campaigns.

During this panel, we discussed:

  • How to leverage direct mail technology and integrate it with other martech
  • How to attribute results and prove ROI
  • What to look for when partnering with USPS
  • Next-level strategies for optimizing direct mail campaigns

Watch the on-demand video now to better prepare your future direct mail campaigns. 

Meet the Hosts

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Summer Hahnlen, Direct Mail Expert In Residence, Lob

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Tyler Dornenburg, Sr. Director, Business Developement, Lob

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Stephanie Donelson, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Lob

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