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Key Takeaways From the Data-Driven Direct Mail: Personalization Best Practices Webinar
Direct Mail
November 21, 2023

Key Takeaways From the Data-Driven Direct Mail: Personalization Best Practices Webinar

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Stephanie Donelson

We recently hosted a webinar on one of our favorite direct mail marketing topics: Personalization! Eamon Barisone, Principal Solutions Engineer, took the stage (so to speak) to share best practices when it comes to personalizing direct mail campaigns.

Having worked hand-in-hand with a wide variety of customers from a wide variety of industries, Barisone knows a thing or two about creating direct mail that delivers results.

Let’s dive into some key takeaways from the personalization in direct mail webinar.

Key takeaway #1: Personalization is no longer optional

Barisone kicked off the presentation with an eye-opening statistic: 68% of consumers say they are more likely to engage with a brand’s message when it’s personalized to them.

He continued by saying, “Personalization is no longer an option. The reality is that if you are not personalizing your campaigns and creating unique experiences for each unique recipient, you’re not driving the maximum impact from your campaigns. We’re not just talking about using, “Hi, first name,” we’re really talking about deep personalization.”

Personalization isn’t just for marketing mail either. Those sending operational mail, such as statements, can benefit from personalization.

Some personalization variables Barisone mentioned include:

  • Images
  • QR codes
  • Custom maps

Key takeaway #2: The two most important things for personalization? Your audience and the creative

Barisone moved on to talk about personalization in practice and mentioned there are two key things to consider: your audience and the creative.

Under the audience umbrella:

  • Customer data from your CRM, CDP, or marketing automation tool
  • Contact lists
  • Online behavior tracking

Under the creative umbrella:

  • Mail format
  • Copy
  • Images
  • Offers (QR code, pURL, or trackable phone number)

Then, Barisone jumped into the Lob dashboard to show how easy it is to personalize any and every direct mail marketing campaign.

Take just 15 minutes to watch the recording to see these personalization best practices in action.

Q&A recap

The attendees had some excellent questions for Barisone.

Q: Can Lob integrate with existing databases/CRMs?

A: The short answer is definitely! Barisone had demonstrated the Campaigns tool requires a CSV audience file, but Lob was built on APIs so you can integrate with systems like Braze, Salesforce, Klaviyo, Marketing Cloud, or any tool that you can imagine.

Q: Do you offer tracking?

A: Yes, we are going to track every mailpiece on its journey from the time it’s created to when it lands in the mailbox. You can also check when people have scanned QR codes within the Lob platform. (You can learn more about getting data & results here.)

Q: Do you design mailpieces?

A: We don’t design the mailpieces; we leave the creative design to our customers. But we can help with creative conversion, or in other words, take that Figma, PDF, or InDesign file and turn it into HTML for Lob.

We also have a great library of direct mail marketing templates to use as a starting point.

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