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4 Direct Mail A/B Tests to Test in 2024
Direct Mail
November 2, 2023

4 Direct Mail A/B Tests to Test in 2024

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2024 is right around the corner! And while we, as marketers, are preparing our 2024 strategies and campaigns, how much attention are we paying to A/B tests we’ll be running next year?

Especially when it comes to A/B testing in direct mail marketing!

A/B testing allows us to understand what motivates our target audiences to respond and then use those learnings on future campaigns to improve ROI and drive more conversions.

In this blog, we’ll outline four elements you should focus on testing in your direct mail marketing campaigns in 2024.

1. Offers & CTA

Our 2023 State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights report shows that 64% of consumers say that direct mail has inspired them to take action including exploring websites and reviews or making a purchase. And, 65% say an offer or promotion caught their attention.

Offers and how to redeem them are extremely important to consumers.

What kind of offers should you A/B test in your direct mail? Some ideas include:

  • A percentage off vs. a dollar amount
  • A set percentage off vs. a tiered approach (30% off 3 items, 40% off 4 items, etc.)
  • A discount vs. free shipping
  • A discount vs. a free gift
  • Early access to a sale vs. an additional discount

Learn more about what consumers do when they get direct mail by checking out our Lobcast Podcast episode where we discuss the findings in our 2023 State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights report:

2. Format

We’ve talked about A/B testing your direct mail marketing format before and we bring it up again for a good reason! It works!

Obviously, follow any regulations or security compliance measures applicable to your industry, but testing the format can do wonders for your direct mail results.

What kind of formats can you A/B test in your direct mail campaigns? Some ideas include:

  • Letter vs. postcard
  • Postcard vs. self-mailer
  • Small postcard vs. large postcard
  • Letter vs. catalog
  • Self-mailer vs. letter with a buckslip insert

Case study: Learn how iExit drives 155% ROI with intelligent direct mail and A/B testing the format

3. Personalization

68% of consumers are more likely to engage with a message/communication from brands that are personalized to them.

The personalization variables you use in your A/B tests in direct mail will vary depending on the format you use. But, you could run tests on the recipient’s name, demographic information, geographic location, imagery, and so on.

On the Lobcast Podcast episode on Marketing Optimizations, Mike Tuffley, VP, Solutions Engineering, shared a story about a politician A/B testing his imagery and running one version that featured a picture of the politician with a dog and one of him with a cat and segmented it based on information about his constituents. That’s one creative way to win over voters with a simple image!

Continue your education on personalization in marketing campaigns by listening to the Lobcast Podcast episode: Personalization and Pina Coladas:

4. Timing

Lastly, run A/B tests on the timing of your direct mail marketing campaigns. Our Customer Success team is asked about the golden ticket for timing and where to introduce direct mail in a marketing sequence. And the answer? It depends.

It depends on your audience and your industry and your own brand. Hence, why testing is so important!

Run some tests to see what sequencing of marketing messages and channels works best for your audience.

Some ideas of direct mail A/B tests on timing include:

  • Direct mail first vs. email first
  • Social ad first vs. direct mail
  • Abandoned cart email vs. direct mail outreach

A/B testing in direct mail marketing is critical for optimizing campaigns and increasing response rates. By understanding what resonates with your audience, you can craft more effective and engaging direct mail campaigns. Remember, the key to successful A/B testing is to test, analyze, and iterate. Happy testing!

Want to dive deeper into the topic of personalization in direct mail marketing? Then you’ll want to register for our webinar, Data-Driven Direct Mail: Personalization Best Practices.

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