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5 Hacks for Quickly Creating a Direct Mail Campaign
Direct Mail
July 6, 2023

5 Hacks for Quickly Creating a Direct Mail Campaign

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Stephanie Donelson

Direct mail is a powerful channel, but many marketers aren’t leveraging it because of the time it takes to create direct mail campaigns. But, that’s not the case with today’s technology. Even if you don’t leverage automated direct mail that’s pretty much built like a set-it-and-forget-it email nurture stream, you can still create an effective direct mail campaign quickly!

In this post, we’re covering a few hacks you can use to quickly spin up a new direct mail campaign and drive more conversions and results this summer.

1. Repurpose digital campaigns

Leverage existing marketing campaigns and repurpose them for direct mail. Had a fantastic social media ad that drove sales? Reconfigure it into a postcard and target a lookalike audience. Just be sure to update any tracking methods, such as UTMs, promo codes, or even adding QR codes so you can accurately measure how the direct mail asset performed.

2. Repurpose again

Let’s say you have run a direct mail campaign but didn’t see optimal results. Run it again, but try a new format. Make your mail feel more official by testing out a letter format, or get your message across quickly with a postcard design, or get more real estate with a self-mailer. There are so many options and you'll never know what direct mail form factor your audience responds to best if you don't test!

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3. Use AI

Have a campaign that's seeing a dip in performance but has been a staple of your marketing mail mix? Run an A/B test to see what does drive engagement and responses. But you don't have to spend all the time in the world figuring out your variations. You can use AI tools here to help write copy, CTAs, or headlines for A/B testing. Or, maybe try AI image generation tools to see how your customers react to new imagery on your mailings.

4. Use a template

We offer our customers a great template library in case they don’t have the design resources for this marketing channel, but know they need to get going with direct mail. Use templates as a starting point for your design and plug in your own messaging, logos, and contact information. It's easier to make edits along the way instead of staring at a blank document and wondering how to get started.

5. Leverage Lob’s Print Delivery Network

One thing that slows down the process of direct mail marketing is getting your creative to the printer, getting the pieces printed, and then getting them into the mail. Cut out the middle man and use a software like Lob that automatically routes your work to the best printer for the job and the best printer to turn your job around quickly, most often in just a few days, and then gets your mail into your customers' hands. You get to focus on the marketing side, while we take care of the logistical side with vendors.

What do your customers want in direct mail marketing campaigns?

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