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A Guide to Modern Postcard Campaigns That Convert
September 27, 2022

A Guide to Modern Postcard Campaigns That Convert

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There's something special about receiving physical mail — especially when it's personalized. Data shows that 50% of consumers ages 35-54 agree that receiving direct mail from a brand feels more important than receiving an email from a brand. This opportunity opens many doors for businesses aiming to improve their marketing strategies and supercharge their ROIs.

Postcards are a viable, flexible, and engaging format for direct mail campaigns. Here's how to optimize this channel with modern postcards that convert.

Why postcards?

Research from the Consumer Insights Report shows that 62% of consumers report direct mail has inspired them to take action. This report also finds that 52% of consumers expect direct mail to be personalized, and 49% feel it's an important way for brands to build relationships. Based on the effectiveness of well-designed, strategic direct mail campaigns, modern marketers are testing various formats, including postcards.

Modern postcards are a simple yet effective piece of mail that can grab the recipients' attention, connecting them to your brand. A well-designed postcard with a targeted message can encourage action — and that's the key. However, not all postcards are created equal, so you must remember best practices concerning marketing and overall design tactics.

When you send direct mail postcards, you can benefit from a direct mail format that you can easily customize and personalize to capture your intended audience's attention. When you use QR codes, URLs, and PURLs to track mail, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. This level of visibility will contribute to greater insight and a higher ROI. It's the basis of intelligent mail at scale — the future of direct mail.

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A great example of a headline that's attention-grabbing and fun. Source: Who's Mailing What!

How modern marketers are using postcards

Based on the research discussed above, the most successful direct mail campaigns are those that build trust, bridging the gap between you and your target audience. Modern marketers are experiencing the perks of adding direct mail to their omnichannel strategy, and postcards are a go-to format. When leveraging the power of platforms like Lob, marketers benefit from dynamic postcard updates, sent quickly and for a great price.

Modern postcards allow marketers to express their brand's image, building creative campaigns in minutes. Take CouchSurfing, for example, a social networking and hospitality exchange service. This brand uses the Lob API to automate direct mail initiatives, sending postcards on demand. Before this partnership, CouchSurfing relied on manual processes, hindering productivity.

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HelloFresh has a straight-forward CTA - get 17 free meals when you come back to their food delivery service. Source: Who's Mailing What!

Tips and tactics to create a winning modern postcard

It's not enough to send postcards and hope for the best. Today, consumer expectations are higher than ever, and if your postcard's design falls flat, so will the effectiveness of your campaign. The better your design, the more likely your audience will develop a positive association with your brand, fueling higher conversion rates.

Although no one-size-fits-all approach works for every company, there are some basic best practices to follow.

Keep it simple

Don't overwhelm your audience. Keep the design and messaging simple. The postcard will catch their eye and encourage them to act. For example, focus on an uncluttered design, highlighting a value proposition (e.g., take 15% off your first order).

Create a winning headline

Your headline is your hook. So, it should be clear and compelling. In this case, white space is your friend.

A Guide to Modern Postcard Campaigns That Convert image 4
Chewy knows its audience and provides convenience so they can stay home in comfort with their pet. Source: Who's Mailing What!

Match messaging with your audience

Know who your audience is and craft postcards accordingly. The key is to tailor messaging with personalization in mind. Use first names, add relevant services based on your data, and include custom information matching demographic factors.

Use high-quality imagery

Great imagery will support your message. It's all about high-quality photos full of bold colors and high contrast. If you need print-friendly imagery, check out resources like Unsplash, Stocksy, and Pixabay.

Include a simple CTA

Your call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important elements. Whether you want your audience to follow you on Facebook, sign up for your newsletter, or make a purchase, the goal of your postcard is to drive a specific response.

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This postcard from KeyBank has a simple design and simple messaging. Source: Who's Mailing What!

Take advantage of Lob's template gallery

Don't know where to begin? Lob offers a template gallery so you can get a head start on your next postcard campaign. There are templates for all objectives and messages, ranging from address verification postcards to product promotion postcards. Choose from three standard sizes, customize the front and back, and you're all set.

Lob is the only automation platform transforming direct mail into intelligent mail at scale. Over 10,000 innovative companies have chosen Lob, and you could be next. Want to learn more about the possibilities of a modern postcard campaign? Connect with a Lob expert today!

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