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8 Direct Mail Integrations for More Effective Campaigns
June 21, 2021

8 Direct Mail Integrations for More Effective Campaigns

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Mark Pinard

You’ve finally ventured into direct mail, but now you’re realizing that your direct and digital marketing efforts are disjointed. Manually transferring data from digital campaigns into your direct mail platform is a time-consuming, error-prone process. If only there was an easier way to get your platforms to work together.

Spoiler alert: There is.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of integrations available for most direct mail platforms to connect to your digital marketing tools.

Weaving direct mail in with your current marketing tech stack allows you to create more holistic campaigns without completely upending your processes. Besides helping you internally, these direct mail integrations improve the experience for your recipients with more relevant, personalized, and timely sends.

Salesforce for Better Omnichannel Marketing

Salesforce has over 150,00 customers—and that’s just customers, not individually licensed users. Because so many rely on the platform for their customer relationship management, Salesforce integrations are becoming a must-have for many direct mail platforms.

How it works: It depends on the direct mail platform you use, but, in general, a Salesforce direct mail integration allows you to trigger sends based on customers’ digital behaviors and Salesforce record changes.

Lob takes this a step further by integrating so fully that you can automate, send, and track direct mail all within Salesforce. The need for code is also eliminated by native automation tools that allow you to trigger sends with a click.

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Salesforce and Lob Integration

The results: Salesforce + your direct mail platform help you improve your omnichannel marketing and ensure your customers are getting relevant direct mail at the right time.

Interested in learning more about how Salesforce and Lob can work together? Join us on June 24 for a special demo to learn how you can take advantage of Lob’s direct mail capabilities and seamlessly integrate it into any business workflow.

Marketo for Increased Engagement

If you’re in the B2B sphere, there’s a good chance you’re using Marketo for your marketing automation. One of Marketo’s main benefits is its all-in-one interface. With a Marketo integration, you can extend that benefit to your direct mail management.

How it works: A Marketo integration allows you to gather behavioral information from your digital and direct mail campaigns and use it to inform future direct mail campaigns. This information helps you engage the right people and then measure that engagement to determine how direct mail impacts your revenue. And if you use the Lob + Marketo integration, you’ll be able to complete these tasks all from Marketo’s interface.

The results: Marketo + your direct mail platform help you improve response rates for your direct mail campaigns and nurture leads.

Customer.io for Improved Customer Relationships

Customer.io allows you to personalize email, SMS, push notifications, and other communication with your customers. Why not use their personalization features in your direct mail, too?

How it works: This direct mail integration helps you send more personalized direct mail communication that closely aligns with your digital efforts. With Lob’s integration, you can create a campaign in Customer.io and then add a direct mail trigger exactly where you need it. For example, you could send a Thank You card to those who have been subscribed to your service for three months.

The results: Customer.io + your direct mail platform help you improve your customer retention efforts, build better customer relationships, and lower churn.

Jotform for Streamlined Direct Mail Delivery

Forms have become an essential part of lead generation, payment collection, and more in both marketing and communication initiatives. A Jotform integration can help you easily send these documents via direct mail.

How it works: This direct mail integration differs across direct mail platforms. With Lob, you can install the Lob Address Verification widget into Jotform in under a minute so you can verify all addresses right on your forms rather than retroactively.

8 Direct Mail Integrations for More Effective Campaigns image 3
Jotform integration

The results: Jotform + your direct mail platform help you save money on undeliverable mail, prevent fraud, and streamline delivery.

Formstack for Custom Document Generation

Many companies send digital documents through platforms like Formstack, but physical documents are still a necessity due to regulations like HIPAA and the fact that 44 million American households still don’t have access to reliable internet. A Formstack integration helps you send both.

How it works: A Formstack integration allows you to generate custom documents and send them to your direct mail company for printing and delivery. With Lob’s Formstack integration, you can also track these documents and monitor delivery.

The results: Formstack + your direct mail platform automate a cumbersome direct mail process and eliminate confusion and miscommunication.

Invoiced for Faster Payments

While a Formstack integration helps you generate and send custom documents, an Invoiced integration is a little more specific: it allows you to easily send paper invoices and statements.

How it works: An Invoiced integration allows you to use digital templates to create physical invoices and print and deliver them. Some direct mail platforms like Lob integrate tightly enough to allow direct mail invoice sends to be triggered by digital behaviors.

The results: Invoiced + your direct mail platform help you increase on-time payments and provide a better payment experience for customers who prefer physical documents.

Simon for Reduced Time-to-Campaign

Customer data is essential for driving marketing results, not just for digital platforms but for direct mail, too. Simon is a customer data platform that helps you unify that data and use it to inform your omnichannel marketing strategy.

How it works: With a Simon integration, you can proactively (and easily) unify your data from anywhere using no-code tools, ensuring your direct mail efforts are being informed by the same data as your digital efforts. This makes it easier to coordinate the customer journey across every channel.

The results: Simon + your direct mail platform help you increase revenue and reduce time-to-campaign.

Zapier for Everything Else

In 2018, G2 reported that there were over 34,000 SaaS products listed on G2 Crowd. While no platform exists to integrate all 34,000, Zapier gets the closest, connecting over 3,000, including direct mail platforms like Lob.

How it works: With a Zapier direct mail integration, you can connect your direct mail tool to hundreds of other apps and platforms. Lob alone can be connected to over 750 apps through Zapier, allowing you to automate a huge number of direct mail tasks, including contact management, order processing, and invoicing.

For example, you could integrate with Airtable to automatically send a letter via Lob when a new Airtable record is created. Or you could integrate with Squarespace to verify addresses through Lob whenever someone fills out a web form.

The results: Zapier+ your direct mail platform help you do, well, just about anything depending on what apps you choose to connect with.

Find the Right Direct Mail Integrations for Your Tech Stack

You may use one or many of these platforms. Or you may use none! That doesn’t mean the right direct mail integrations for you aren’t available. There are a variety of direct mail integrations available for more niche software, such as Integromat for automated direct mail workflows and Braze for customer engagement. You can check out Lob’s entire list of integrations here.

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