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Salesforce & Lob Integration Demo: Send and automate direct mail at scale from Salesforce

June 24, 2021

Needing a robust, end-to-end print & mail solution in Salesforce? Join Lob and Veezla Co-founder & CEO Benedek Kokenyesi for an introduction and demonstration to an all-new, Veezla Print & Mail app (powered by Lob), a native integration available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Learn how you can take advantage of Lob’s direct mail capabilities and seamlessly integrate it into any business workflow with this robust out-of-the-box direct integration. 

With this app, Salesforce users can now: 

  • Trigger and automate mail sends of postcards, letters, checks, and self-mailers, at scale by using native Salesforce automation tools
  • Create infinite content personalizations with dynamic drag and drop HTML editors and tables for merge variables based on data in Salesforce
  • Build effective marketing and mass mail campaigns from Salesforce list views
  • Configure and send mail on any custom object on a screen flow
  • Perform multivariate experiments and iterate quickly
  • Track individual mail pieces in real-time and ingest data back into Salesforce to coordinate follow-up activities with cross-channel consistency
  • Gain actionable customer insights with comprehensive reporting and analytics using Salesforce Reports and Dashboards  

For the first time, customers can now truly program and control mail just like they do email directly within Salesforce.

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