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Accelerate Your Direct Mail Strategy with Lob and Zapier
July 27, 2017

Accelerate Your Direct Mail Strategy with Lob and Zapier

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From contact management, to order processing, shipping, and everything in between, your to-do list is jam-packed with tedious admin tasks. With the right tools, you can automate steps in your workflow and take those tasks from time-intensive to hands-off. Zapier is a web app automation tool that connects Lob to more than 750 other apps that you use day-to-day, like Google Sheets, Wufoo, and Podio.

That way, you can automate a huge range of printing and mailing tasks, such as generating documents and sending order confirmations. This frees up your time for more strategic and creative tasks. Need some inspiration? Here’s a few examples of how Lob customers are saving time and streamlining operations with Zapier integrations.

Automatically Generate and Send Invoices

A stencil kit company, 1-800-Stencil, needed a way to transform transactional information from their online store to mailable invoices. Copy-pasting hundreds of records into the correct format just wasn’t an option. Instead, they used Zapier to generate PDF versions of customer orders that trigger Lob and Gmail to mail both physical and digital copies of an invoice.

Not only does the company cut costs by automating this process, but customers are happier than ever, too. "Relying on automation to streamline our business has increased our customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds, says owner Jonathan Thompson. “These simple automations help create repeat customers and build strength for our brand.”

Get Quotes To Your Customers Faster

Landing a lead is a great feeling, but it kicks off a long journey to close the deal. That’s something the team at Chris Moreno Insurance Agency knows all too well. With every prospective client, the team at Chris Moreno Insurance Agency calls, texts, emails, and mails out quotes. Using Zapier to connect Lob with form-building tool Jotform and other platforms saves the team countless hours.

“Zapier, Lob, and Jotform allow my team to send out quotes to prospects in a more efficient way,” says Chris Moreno.

The team fills out new customer information via a Jotform with the client’s name, address, email, quote dollar amount, and attaches a copy of the quote to the form. Then, Zapier auto-sends the information from Jotform to Lob, generating a letter and a quote to mail to the prospective customer.

How to Set Up the Zapier Integration

It’s a snap to set up Zaps to automate Lob tasks for your own business. The process for setting up the integration doesn’t require any technical know-how or developer resources.

Start by connecting your Lob account to Zapier. You’ll get a pop-up prompting you to sign in to your Lob account. This lets Zapier link your Lob account to the other apps you choose.

Accelerate Your Direct Mail Strategy with Lob and Zapier image 2

Now you'll see your Lob account connected to Zapier.

Accelerate Your Direct Mail Strategy with Lob and Zapier image 3

That’s it! You’re connected and ready to create some Zaps! Get started with one of the pre-built Zap templates for our most popular automations, or build your own workflow from scratch using the "Make a Zap" button.

Go Forth and Automate

Want to try out a few automations for yourself? Start here, or let us know about your favorite Zaps in the comments!

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