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How Jotform and Lob Can Help You Collect Better Data
March 16, 2020

How Jotform and Lob Can Help You Collect Better Data

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This post was written by Briana Strauss. Briana is the partnership marketing manager at Jotform, where she spends her time building relationships with other exciting SaaS companies.

From streamlining customer experience to saving time on manual tasks and preventing fraud, verifying personal information - especially addresses - is important.

However, this process can be extremely time-consuming.

Tools like Jotform and Lob make it easy to verify address data quickly.

In this post, we’re sharing how you can use Lob and Jotform to collect better data and improve business processes, including:

How To Use Lob and Jotform

Examining Some Practical Use Cases

  • Save on Undeliverable Mail
  • Streamline Delivery
  • Reduce Abandoned Forms and Carts
  • Save Time on Administrative Tasks
  • Prevent Fraud
  • Increase the Effectiveness of Direct Mail Campaigns

How to use Lob & Jotform

Screenshot detailing how to enable Lob in Jotform

If you use Jotform, you can install the Lob Address verification widget in one click (takes less than a minute).

Then, you can automatically verify all addresses right on your sign-up form, as you can see in the screenshot below.

How Jotform and Lob Can Help You Collect Better Data image 2

Examining Some Practical Use Cases

The best part - you don’t need to be a software engineer to leverage address verification technology. Below - we’re sharing six ways that anyone can leverage this integration to collect accurate address data.

1. Save on Undeliverable Mail

Did you know that, according to FedEx, over 40 million Americans change their address each year? And, only 60% of movers file a change of address.

This means that if you simply pull old records without verifying them, you are going to wind up with a lot of undeliverable mail.

Undeliverable addresses result in “return to sender” letters and cost the company money. Not to mention wasted time handling the return order. Companies must reimburse the customer or resend the product to the correct address, as well as eat the shipping costs for the original item.

Pro Tip: According to Pitney Bowes, companies can spend up to $25 per piece of returned mail in ancillary costs related to correcting mistakes and re-sending mail.

In fact, return deliveries are estimated to cost companies $550 billion by 2020. That’s a 75.2% increase from just four years ago.

2. Streamline Delivery

With the rise of free shipping offers and 2-day shipping from Amazon, customers expect their products to be delivered fast.

In fact, according to UPS, 61% of online shoppers expect orders placed by 12 p.m. to qualify for delivery the same day.

Anything you can automate to speed up delivery will go a long way in improving customer experience and getting products out the door faster.

3. Reduce Abandoned Forms and Carts

According to SaleCycle, 26% of people abandon their cart during checkout due to a long or complex process.

The smoother the process is to fill out a form or make a purchase, the greater the chance they’ll complete your desired call to action. Real-time address lookups take some of the friction out of the buying process and let customers quickly enter their checkout details.

4. Save Time on Administrative Tasks

Did you know that knowledge workers waste up to 50% of their time hunting for data and finding and correcting errors?

Verifying addresses manually adds up quickly. They need to manually verify the address, make corrections, potentially contact the customer for clarification, and even deal with the hassle of return shipping if the item has already been sent out to the wrong address. Address verification apps reduce the time spent on clerical errors like these and free up the team to do more meaningful work.

5. Prevent Fraud

Customers are often using different billing and shipping addresses. Many are opting to have deliveries made to an alternate location, like an office, particularly urban residents. The more addresses involved in a payment form, the greater the risk of fraud.

For example, if you notice the billing name and address is from a woman in New York City, but the shipping address is to a residence in Argentina, this could indicate a higher likelihood of fraud. Address verification apps can help you spot any red flags saving you time and money.

6. Increase the Effectiveness of Direct Mail Campaigns

Did you know about 10% of direct mail lists are returned as undeliverable?

When your direct mailing lists are accurate, you can personalize the offering. Not just by targeting the behavioral preferences of the recipient, but you can even personalize this based on regional preferences.

Marketers using direct mail, in addition to other marketing channels such as email, can integrate the campaigns for a more cohesive experience. Accurate direct mail paired with personalized messages in additional channels can improve your campaign strength. The more you engage with customers via all of their channels of choice, the more effective your marketing will be.


In sum, using Jotform and Lob can help you collect better data and save a ton of time in the process.

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