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Mail That Drives Better Patient & Provider Outcomes

Educate patients and improve billing with timely, personalized, and cost-effective offline communications.

Direct Mail for Compliant, Patient-Centric Outreach

The 2.7 billion pieces of mail sent by healthcare companies each year are a potentially powerful channel for education, engagement, and efficient billing.
  • Patient education improves health outcomes
    The healthcare industry incurs between $100 and $300 billion in avoidable costs due to treatment non-adherence.
  • Timely and transparent billing improves revenue
    75% of patients don’t understand the cost of medical services and 56% delay payments.
  • Data privacy is paramount
    Fines for HIPAA breaches can be as high as $1.5 million dollars.

Send Faster, More Cost-Effective Communications While Maintaining Security and Compliance

Lob securely automates direct mail production, helping healthcare companies drive optimal patient outcomes and enhance engagement with timely, personalized, and informative offline communications.
  • Integrate with internal systems to automatically trigger patient statements, and deliver them in as little as 4 days
  • Trust Lob with HIPAA & SOC-2 compliant mailings and full encryption across the production process
  • Verify and standardize address data to ensure that patient communications reach their intended recipients

VillageCareMAX Saves Over 4,000 Hours a Year by Automating HIPAA-Compliant Direct Mail

Webinar: Automating Offline Communications to Increase Efficiency & Compliance

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