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Creative Ways to Get Customer Address Data
Direct Mail
May 2, 2023

Creative Ways to Get Customer Address Data

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You've heard how effective direct mail marketing can be, especially when investing in greater automation. For example, 81% of marketers who use a software platform for direct mail agree it delivers the best response rate of all the channels their company uses today.

You're ready to implement this channel into your omnichannel strategy, but how do you acquire customer address data?

You don't want to add more text fields on your sign-up forms, so how do you obtain this invaluable data? Here are some simple and creative direct mail campaign strategies that work.

The basics of creating direct mail lists

Many marketers have mastered the science and art behind email lists. However, as more marketers unlock the power of direct mail marketing, they wonder how to collect customer address data that converts. You don't want to build any physical address list. You'll want the addresses of those most interested in what you offer. This hyper-targeted approach allows for more precise segmentation, supporting a higher ROI.

As Will Spero, CEO of Mailers Haven, said, "It's estimated that about 60% of the response to direct mail is due to the list. So, this is not a step you want to rush. Your list will become the lifeblood of your direct mail campaigns — your ticket to greater personalization messaging. Whether your goal is to boost retention or win back those who have stopped interacting with your brand, here are the basics of building a winning list:

  • Know who your target audience is and what they want.
  • Determine your direct mail campaign strategies to understand where and when customization is needed. For example, a landscape company could create a more generic mass campaign in the spring, sending a postcard to 1000 local addresses. In contrast, a retailer could use A/B split testing to test the impact of varying segments via pricing, CTA messaging, mail formats, etc.
  • Once you have clarity on the above, you can purchase a list. This can be costly, but you often get what you pay for. Don't opt for a cheap list. Investing in a low-quality list can result in a weak response rate, even if you use strong messaging. A solid mailing list from the beginning is vital.

As you build your list, you can start playing around with the power of segmentation and track performance.

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Purchasing lists isn't the only option

If you don't have the budget to purchase a list or have a significant online presence, this strategy may make more sense for your brand — collecting customer address data via email capture. When you're collecting email addresses, strike while the iron is hot. The individual will have already given you personal information, such as an email, so now would be an ideal time to ask for their physical address. The email append feature through Lob audience allows you to provide an email address and do a match back to get a physical address.

Alternatively, if you have a strong presence on social media, why not run a raffle or give away a free product? Participants would offer their addresses in exchange for a chance to win products they're interested in. This approach is an excellent way to build a list cost-effectively concerning opportunities for segmentation and hyper-personalization. These individuals either already follow your brand or come across your raffle, contest, etc., because it aligns with their interests or needs.

Another option is to offer "exclusive content" or an increased discount offered via direct mail.

Optimize by testing your mail lists

Unsubscribers from an email list can still be targeted using direct mail, showcasing the value of a strategic omnichannel approach. ThirdLove is an excellent example of using direct mail marketing to re-engage customers who unsubscribe from an email list. If this is the case for you, leverage A/B testing for greater segmentation, as thredUp did.

The company segmented its churned customer base into two cohorts — those who subscribed to email and those who had unsubscribed from emails. The team wanted to test whether direct mail marketing would influence the email subscribers to purchase and, for the unsubscribers, serve as a way to reach the audience they could no longer email.

With Lob, thredUp personalized and customized each direct mailpiece to its audience. Each postcard had the same front side, yet two versions of the backside. One version had a message from the CEO (version A), while the other included three reasons to thrift (version B). Both included a 45% discount. Version A was the clear winner, and the unsubscribed cohort beat subscribed in almost every metric. This data was used to launch another direct mail campaign a month later. By taking this approach, thredUP was able to drive its revenue and ROI.

The moral of the story? Unsubscribers from your email list can still be reachable using direct mail campaign strategies — and that's a game-changer.

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