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Address Verification

Real-Time Global Address Validation

Boost conversations and reduce returned mail with effortless address validation for successful deliveries!
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Enter an address to see results here
Enter an address to see results here

Complete Verification Solution

Accurate and Deliverable Addresses Across Your Systems

  • Increase conversion and eliminate mistakes with front-end autocompletion
  • Reduce returned mail with global delivery verification
  • Maintain evergreen database integrity with address standardization

Detailed Deliverability Data

USPS CASS Certified Address Details at Your Fingertips

  • Access deliverability details such as missing unit information
  • Identify P.O. Boxes and residential or commercial buildings
  • Ingest precise delivery point latitude and longitude

Intelligent Address Correction

Address Standardization and Autocorrection to Eliminate Wasted Costs

  • Ensure accuracy by correcting mistakes and misspelled addresses
  • Meet USPS address formatting requirements with data standardization 
  • Prevent bad address data from causing downstream bottlenecks
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Current Reduces Compliance Spend While Improving Their Customer Experience

Features Powering Better
Address Data


Implement developer-friendly tooling

Front-end Autocompletion

Improve website usability and eliminate typos

Global Address Verification

Access delivery data for over 240 territories, via API or CSV file

USPS Metadata

Enhance your data with details such as vacancy, building type, and more

Bulk API Endpoint

Process large quantities of data in a single API request

Reverse Geocodes

Input latitude and longitude and receive possible addresses

Lob Confidence Score

Leverage Lob’s extensive insight into mail tracking events

Machine Learning

Increase accuracy with machine learning trained algorithms

Address Elements

Add front-end address autocomplete and verification to any HTML webform in minutes

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