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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: eCommerce and D2C
Direct Mail
February 10, 2023

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: eCommerce and D2C

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Stephanie Donelson

If there is one industry that needs to include direct mail in its marketing toolkit, it’s eCommerce brands, and by extension D2C (Direct to Consumer). These companies collect mailing addresses by default so it’s a natural fit to work direct mail into marketing workflows to retain customers and increase customer lifetime value.

Today we want to take a closer look at some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that come from eCommerce or D2C companies and examine what elements are working for those mailers.

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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: eCommerce and D2C  image 3
A best direct mail campaign from BaubleBar


This mailer from BaubleBar is as beautiful as the jewelry it sells. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s got a few other gems that make this a great direct mail campaign.

  • Copy: BaubleBar knows its audience is looking for new looks but ones that can be turned into a customer’s signature style. BaubleBar is offering new inventory to its customers but reminding them that they’ll want to wear their purchase every single day.
  • Offer: The offer is extremely straightforward with a simple $25 off a purchase of $75 or more.
  • Custom code: Customers simply have to type in the blocked-out coupon code to get their $25 off. This is easy for customers to add when checking out, and easy for the marketing team to track down the line.
  • Product images with clear pricing: Customers get a preview of the new inventory on the mailer and get pricing upfront. If they fall in love with that Piper Ring, they know exactly what it’s going to cost them.
  • QR code: The brand includes a QR code on the direct mailpiece so customers can start shopping as soon as they find a product they want to buy that’s featured on the mailer - or perhaps browse the rest of the online store.
  • Social branding: Lastly, BaubleBar includes its social handle, making it easy for customers to find its account and follow it. Maybe a customer isn’t ready to buy today, but they do follow BaubleBar and make a purchase three months from now by actively engaging with the brand on Instagram.
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: eCommerce and D2C  image 4
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: eCommerce and D2C  image 5
A best direct mail campaign from Ilia


This customer retention postcard from Ilia has many elements working for it. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Simple design: Ilia promises clean ingredients in its products and it takes that to its marketing materials with a clean design. The mailer has imagery, but it’s simple, and the mailer isn’t cluttered with too much text or too many competing elements. Which makes it super easy for customers to scan the mailer, understand it, and take action on it.
  • Offer: The offer is simple to understand: returning customers get 20% off their next order - and they have a custom code to use for better tracking on Ilia’s end.
  • QR code: Should customers have more questions or want to learn more, there’s a handy QR code to scan.
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: eCommerce and D2C  image 6
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: eCommerce and D2C  image 7
A best direct mail campaign from PetMeds


This postcard from PetMeds isn’t just an effective piece of direct mail, it’s also very cute. At least in this dog mom’s opinion. Beyond its looks, let’s examine what’s working for it.

  • Copy: Talk about tugging on the heartstrings and using emotional copy on this piece of direct mail! “[redacted’s] heart is a place for LOVE not worms.” The mailer also quickly shares the benefits of this medication by highlighting that it works 24/7 and improves the pet’s health and longevity. What pet owner can say no to that?
  • Imagery: PetMeds is using an image-based psychology hack that we more often see done with humans - having the image subject’s eyes looking at what we want viewers or recipients to look at. The dog is facing the text so our natural instinct is to look in that direction too. Same with the cat on the back of the mailer.
  • Multiple offers: PetMeds’s offers start at $10 off and go up to savings of $30, making it easy for shoppers to buy just what they need or add on products they have wanted to try but maybe couldn’t justify the costs.
  • Campaign tracking: The mailer uses a campaign-specific URL (/PREVENT), to better track results from this mailer and quickly attribute conversions to this piece of mail. The marketers working on this campaign deserve a treat.

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When it comes to creating a great direct mail campaign, you don’t have to start from scratch. Explore our best direct mail collection to find ideas of what you can incorporate into your next mailpiece or what elements you should be testing to further optimize your own marketing campaigns.

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