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December 15, 2021

3 Key Takeaways From Hot Sauce and Success With Direct Mail Pros

Kim Courvoisier

What do you get when you pair seven taste bud searing hot sauces, three direct mail automation pros, and hundreds of direct mail enthusiasts? You get the recent Lob Hot Sauce & Success event where industry professionals tasted hot sauces with a panel of Lob experts while they discussed spicy direct mail topics.  In the spirit of giving, Lob donated $25 for everyone that registered and $25 for everyone that attended, raising over $1500 for La Cocina. 

In this post, we’ll share three key takeaways from the event that you can learn from while keeping your taste buds intact. The takeaways include:

  1. Hyper personalization increases response and engagement
  2. Workflow efficiencies make direct mail less cumbersome and more reliable
  3. Direct mail automation integrates into existing marketing tech stacks to power things you never thought possible

You can watch the on-demand recording to get all the learnings and some good laughs. Now for more on those takeaways. 

1. Hyper personalization increases response and engagement 

Emilie Begin, Direct Mail Best Practices Expert, shared that a large furniture retailer that uses Lob for its professional program has seen massive improvements in its response rate after the brand began using more customized creatives. One example is the imagery used is customized to a previous purchase, so for example, if you bought furniture for your patio, the image would show the table and chairs you purchased and provide a coupon code for the umbrella that goes with the set.  Personalization and customization have come such a long way, and now the possibilities are nearly endless. Anything you can do with email is now possible with direct mail, making it a vital part of every marketer's tech stack to fuel effective omnichannel campaigns. 

2. Workflow efficiencies make direct mail less cumbersome and more reliable 

Legacy direct mail got a bad rap because it required a clunky, manual, complex workflow to get a mailpiece out the door. Those days are long over, thanks to automated direct mail with Lob. Campaigns that used to take months to execute now take days. One such example that was shared by the panel was a well-known travel company that decreased its direct mail workflow for a 1.5M piece campaign from two months to 1 ½ weeks! The cost savings from the increased operational efficiency and the ability to be much more targeted with mailings is a win-win for any marketer looking for greater ROI from their direct mail efforts. 

3. Direct mail automation integrates into existing marketing tech stacks to power things you never thought possible 

Many solution providers and platforms promise that integrations can solve the world’s problems, or at least many of the challenges you face with your business technology.  We were curious which integrations are the most useful or necessary to someone trying to scale direct mail as part of a multichannel marketing strategy. Mike Tuffley, Director of Solutions Engineering at Lob, shared that integrating your CRM and marketing automation platform are two of the most popular integrations marketers use. The data from your CRM, like Salesforce, can be used for many tactics, from mitigating churn to increasing LTV based on customer purchase history that can be fed into Lob through webhooks.  Additionally, integrating your marketing automation platform like Marketo is powerful in connecting your customer journey and enabling your email marketing and direct mail campaigns to be symbiotic.

We also see customers integrating Iterable and Braze. Emilie cited an example of a customer using the Braze integration to help send  multi-language direct mail campaigns.

The panel also answered some spicy questions about USPS slowdowns and the ongoing paper shortage and how Lob ensures customers are set up for success.  Listen to the full recording to hear all the answers and watch the panel sweat it out while tasting the sauces. When you download the recording, we’ll enter you to win a kit of Lob hot sauces, so download it today and heat up your direct mail marketing. 

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